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Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 14 22:57:22
..once people start seeing this I'm sure there will be a little discussion, so here :p
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 14 23:04:33
I don't think I can do a full review right now, but it was very good. It had much more than the preview let on, which is always great. I watched the preview for this one (I usually don't watch them) because I wasn't too interested before, but the preview didn't ruin everything -- that's how it *should* be

It met with a lot of interesting topics too, and had a nice realistic/future/Sci-fi glow.. they had new gadgets but not a ridiculous over-reliance on them.

So it wasn't like.. amazing.. but very good and definitely an above average action/sci-fi sort of movie. The writing was well-thought and had a lot of underlying themes which I expect the average idiot who sees this will not care about.. ;D
Mon Oct 22 17:50:47
If you're going to jerry rig your car with solar panels, why would this involve pipes going to the gas tank?
Mon Oct 22 18:43:15
I thought it was pretty cool how they morphed the young guys face to be bruce willis like.

The movie was quite cool. I knew there was going to be some superhero action at the beginning when tks were spinning quarters.

Hopefully little magneto grows up to be nice and loving to people.
Wed Oct 24 00:54:37
Movie was pretty good. Until the kid got superpowers.
The Children
Sat Nov 17 16:10:20
interesting. im gonna give this one a try.

The Children
Fri Nov 30 08:47:53
this shit is nothing. i agree with above statement. it was good untill kid became a freak.

The Children
Fri Nov 30 09:03:50
just wanna say, the concept is nice. they show some high tech stuff here and there but dont overdo shit like in the past with back to the future and flying cars and shit. turns out, we dont evolve that fast. so shits not gonna have all that shit just 30 years from now.

story is bout time travelling and the ability to change the future. bruce willis comes back from the future to change it. he comes back to "present day" where younger bruce is a junkie assassin, a sorry excuse of a worthless loser who gives up his friend in a heartbeat. so far so good.

Overall, i would say 6.8 out of 10.

I have to say that the story is not solid and contains plotholes.

they changed the future. but its not closed. the mob can still send some new guy back to the past and he can pick up where the other guy left off.

bruce willis met the guy in the diner. apparently the diner is not so far away from where the freaky kid lived. Joe got there in a heartbeat. Bruce could have gotten there first before the diner meeting and killed the kid and be done with it. but nooooooo, he had to take a detour all the way to the other side of town to kill the other kid first.

The Children
Fri Nov 30 09:08:05
Just because Bruce killed the whole gang and the mobboss from the future, doesnt mean diddlydoo. The guy was send back to manage things. They can send a new guy back and he'll just get a new squad of loopers.

The kid's another sorry excuse. They tried to say that the kid is a good kid but he didnt close the loops out of morality reasons. the guy is the new mob boss from the future. he rules with iron fist. He is a bad kid and should have been eliminated.
Cherub Cow
Sat Dec 01 19:13:11
I think you missed some of the time travel structure that they were dealing with.. like for one thing, sure, a new looper group -could- form because the mafia would probably still exist in some form, but who cares?

The major story point was about that boy, and since the boy was no longer going to grow up evil (was no longer going to "[rule with an] iron fist"), then the major tragedy and power structure of the story was closed. That is, that boy -became- evil because his mother was murdered in front of him, but since Gordon-Levitt killed himself and prevented that situation, the boy grows up with his mother and has guidance - hence, does *not* become evil.

And Bruce killing all of those loopers.. that was vengeance-related, and also a little opportunity-related after having been captured (they were partially responsible for his former life, and for his future love's death, so he kills them when he has a chance). It wasn't necessarily part of some great plan to change all the timelines, it was just attacking where he could.

And "Bruce could have gotten there first before the diner meeting"

I'm sure he was not thinking that strategically when scars were popping up on his arm. He knew that he needed to get to the diner quickly to stop more scarring, so he went straight there. You could also say that he had a chance to go to the farm right -after- the diner, but even that could be explained away since he was being pursued and would have wanted to get as far away as possible - returning once safe. So the "simplest" solutions of geography or efficiency do not necessarily suit the situations and characters...
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Sat Apr 30 07:45:53
Sat Apr 30 12:37:00
Movie was mediocre
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