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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Open Grave
Anarchist Prime
Wed Oct 30 17:36:42
Cherub Cow
Wed Oct 30 18:18:42
lulz.. looks like they gave away some of the ending. Looks like the "open grave" is the result of people being placed into this social experiment, killing each other, and dumping each other's bodies into the pit, like some kind of metaphor for humankind's nature emerging even when peeps find a fresh start (a wiped mind) ("*we* made this grave!!! D:")

Totally looks fun though! But they better not compare I.D.'s and find out that they're all part of Pruitt Taylor Vince's dissociated Identity ;D
Cherub Cow
Tue Apr 14 23:26:20
Totally forgot about this movie but it made its way to the top of my Netflix queueueueueue.

It's aktly okay. Not going to spoil, but it wasn't a social experiment (like I thought above), and it was a nice treatment of memory and coming into being in a larger world.. like a "coming of age story" told as a horror movie. They also did a good job keeping a feeling of confusion and didn't drop any obvious evidence to clarify things right away. I actually wish that they hadn't explained anything at the end, but intentionally.. not like Lost or anything ;p

Might watch again, too!
Thu Apr 16 07:21:07
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