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The Children
Thu Mar 05 05:15:38
piss poor castin
small budget syndrome
the pacin seems out of place. kinda like sscenes r 2 short or somethin
characters dunt really fall into places coz the scenes r so short
story is not that good considerin the backdrop

that being said, the series does start 2 pick up slowly after the first 2 episodes.

2 much fan service if u ask me. story supposed 2 be about jim gordon. instead we get a kid genius bruce burnin his own hand and then followin sherlock holmes footsteps. he is frikkin 10 years old man. so out of place this. plus the kid is annoyin.

some of the crooks r annoyin. the penguin...nope, another bad cast.
alfred is possibly the baddest cast. holy fkin shit, he seems so out of place with his heavy english accent but heavy voice.

im somewhere around episode 6 now. it starts 2 get good. didnt like jim gordon and his partner at first. but compared 2 the other characters, i think they decent job.

the mob bosses r best. marione, falcone, fish mooney, the crazies dunt really. they r really nobodies since none of the crazies last long enough and they never explain why they go crazy.

overall 6.7 out of 10
Tentacle Rapist
Thu Mar 12 00:20:37
I bet every person involved in the series is far more skilled and succesful than you could ever hope to be.
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