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Sat Mar 14 00:20:39
I've started Hannibal. Almost done season 2.

Easily the most overrated thing I've ever seen on television.

Jack is supposed to head the Behavioural Crimes Unite of the FBI, yet he is incapable of forming even the most basic opinion on anything.

Will is just perplexing. Not because of his ability to empathize with people. Not because he is obviously a serial killer waiting to happen. But because, after being completely and totally obliterated in the first season, he decided to bring Hannibal even closer in season 2. I understand his motivations and I suppose given his innate ability to de-construct the minds of killers he could conceivably believe he can protect himself against Hannibal, but seriously? By this point he is all but consigned to the fact that he's been broken and moulded but he is still trying to undermine Hannibal and get him caught.

Hannibal is the only decent character on the entire show. It is basically like watching a comedy, where everybody makes the worst possible decisions and the writers are making sure you notice. I suppose this is supposed to emphasis Hannibal's ability to manipulate others, but watching it only serves to frustrate me. There is a difference between subtle deception and serial competence, and the show relies far to heavily on the latter. In my opinion it only serves to undermine the suspension of disbelief.

I guess this is necessary given the primary subject is the villain, and so we're obliged to have insight into his operation and know he can not simply be caught or whatever. But they throw too much at the viewer and write the other characters as painfully dim witted.

Sat Mar 14 00:21:59
*serial incompetence
Sat Mar 14 00:23:14
It is like reverse Dexter. And while I can appreciate some of the artistic elements of the show, and enjoy some of them thoroughly, it just doesn't come off as as interesting or engaging as Dexter.

Which I still haven't finished....
Cherub Cow
Sun Mar 15 21:49:32
Don't finish Dexter! Never finish it. Never. Write your own ending. Then happiness.
Mon Mar 16 01:42:33
I stopped half way through season 3.

I'm told it gets better after that and then just goes off the deep end. Though I think I read the books are worse?
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 16 17:47:39
You can probably stop at the end of Season 4. After the cliffhanger you'll want to watch Season 5, but they don't address the things that you'll want them to address, so that's a good stopping point.

tw read Darkly Dreaming Dexter.. said it was good, I thought? I didn't realize that there was more than one until just meow
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