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The Children
Fri Nov 06 14:38:26
12 monkeys the series
based on da movie 12 monkeys so might be worth watchin. or not, ima check this shit out soon

same deal. virus? outbreak so might be good. or not. its on my list.

the strain
currently watchin this shit. started out good, its not so good no more after a few episodes.

first few episodes was good. u see this huge demonlike vampire and 4 a monet ur like shit, pure horror. im almost done with season 2...shit aint horror no more. it turned in2 a very weak walking dead copy. its more about the characters now. problem is the main leads suck. cept for the professor. and they now have vampires workin with humans and shit and turned vampires that walk slower than zombies...the master is replaced. and in the first episode, he gave u chills coz he was this huge scary invincible demon and after about 8 episodes he was watered down 2 fightin a 90 year old man and got pushed in2 the sunlight lol

and then the mexican ghetto guy. what the fck is his deal though. his lines suck, his actin suck, and he barely plays a role in the mainstory. why the fck is he even in there. and samwise gamgee lol, he got killed off fast though lol
The Children
Fri Nov 06 14:41:18
z nation
another zombie series

i say bring me on. added 2 my list.
The Children
Tue Nov 10 13:54:47
so far episode 4 on 12 monkeys. i am disappoint so far. syfy lol

Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 10 14:12:18
Zut :( .. 12 Monkeys is one of my favorite movies, but wasn't too sure that the show would do anything good with it
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