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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Movies That Need Making Part GFYM
Wed Jan 13 09:17:46

A Marvel anti-hero film about the motivation and creation of Dr. Doom with only a bit of Reed Richards in college (no Fantastic Four except maybe at the end). The film would take place in three time lines.

First the motivation, his gypsy witch mother saves him from a Soviet purge (believing he will save the universe or some such, kinda oracle thing) but in doing so she goes to hell (or some burny dimension).

Second, Victor as a young man searches for a way to reach her and studies portal theory with Richards. At a set back Doom confides to Reed about using the mysticism he was introduced to as a child and is dismissed. Hell bent he uses the last artifact of his mother, her crystal ball, and crafts it into a virtual reality mask incorporating his knowledge of portal theory and contacts her, but the mask goes all burny scarring his face. Unable to leave it alone he he builds a mask around it to mitigate the burn, but when he draws on it his eye slots burn with mystic energy.

Last, realising the amount of resources he needs to pursue his goal is massive he turns to the lessons of his youth and carves Latvia out of the failing Soviet state. Once he has his nation in his iron grip he diverts its resources to dangerous dimension portal technology and journeys into hell. After some demon ass whooping he leads her back to the portal but she refuses to go saying it will change his destiny and that only by him completing it will she be able to leave. She gives him a hint by mentioning the cubes then mystic blasts his ass into the portal.

Basically return old Doom and fuck the F4

Wed Jan 13 09:20:38
Plus you have the cool Ironman type suit when busting balls past the baltic.
Wed Jan 13 09:35:30
The last scene could be the FF coming in and busting up his portal (to late, he is done with it) and have an epic fight.

Basically throughout the movie no matter how much power he gains through science, magic, and politics he is doomed to fail. Which is the essence of the Dr. Doom character that they keep fucking up on.

Also why not break up the standard comic movie format?
Wed Jan 13 11:04:45
Punk'd: The movie (a.k.a. the plan to get Donald Trump elected president)
Wed Jan 13 11:41:09
They are not done filming yet!
Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 13 21:24:37
"Also why not break up the standard comic movie format?"

+1 Deer! Sounds pretty kewls, actually. Didn't even know about that back story for Dr. Doom!
Tentacle Rapist
Sun Jan 24 09:14:54
Everyone dies the movie

A comedy about a group of nerds so repulsive, even zombies dont want them!

Also, they are so oblivious the dont notice all the people around them being killed and turned into zombies.

They spend the whole movie trying to figure out why their power is off when they paid the bill. THEY GODDAMNED NEED THEIR GAMING!

This is my dumb idea of the day
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