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Sat Jun 11 17:57:21
Sat Jun 11 18:01:57
So our power went out today and I thought to myself "Hmm, why not go see a movie?" Then after looking up what was playing the thought ran for the hills because sitting there roasting my caveman house was a much better idea than paying to watch the fucking garbage playing at my movie theater.

Then I thought to myself "Well maybe I'll go next week or something. Should be some decent stuff coming out this summer..." and then I went through like the 7 steps of acceptance while scrolling through the pages and pages of absolute trash that's going to be released this summer. Even the stuff that I'm willing to go to the theater to watch, I'm happy to concede that's probably not going to be very good/I won't enjoy it too much.

I'm really bummed because I was actually looking forward to spending some time at the theater this summer, but now I've realized that I'm either forced to not go, or forced to shell out money for shit that I'm not gonna like.

Bum city =\
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 00:54:00
Trues :/
I enjoyed Apocalypse well enough, but Civil War was meh and Batman v Superman was ridiculous. The next blockbusters will be Star Trek, Bourne 5, and Independence Day 2... Bourne might be okay (I *want* to expect good things), but the other two will just be filler, I think.

Non-blockbusters seem a bit better! I have hope for Purge 3, Popstar, Conjuring 2, and The Shallows... Popstar and Conjuring have been released, but I might not see them until next weekend.
The Children
Mon Jun 13 01:07:29
summer of trash sounds bout rite.

series is where its at.

gome of thrones marathon begins in like 2 weeks...
currently enjoyin billions, then maybe watch american horror story.
Mon Jun 13 16:36:16
There's really only 2 movies I plan on seeing. Max and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which I'm happy to concede will probably be a dumpster fire, but I'm gonna go see it anyway with my friends, and Suicide Squad, which as I've said repeated in this forum, I'm not a huge comic book/action movie guy, so expectations are pretty low on that front too.

I'm boycotting GoT until I can read the books first. *checks GRRM's blog for any updates*. I don't look forward to a lot of summer TV programming for lots of reasons, but mostly because it's generally gorgeous outside and summer programming blows donkeys.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jun 13 16:44:48
@"Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"
I don't know how to feel about this one.. The guy from Workaholics makes a plus, but Zac Efron a big minus... Don't think I'll pay to see it :/

Suicide Squad could be good!
There was online fear that the movie was undergoing reshoots because it was too dark, but it sounds like they just needed to reshoot action sequences:
I won't mentally hype it up, but when it comes out I'll see it :p
Mon Jun 13 17:06:21
It's not that I think it'll be bad, just not my cup of tea. Hopefully it'll be less Avengers and more Deadpool. That's my only hope of finding it really enjoyable lol

Can't blame you for passing on Mike and Dave. I love the cast (Efron is hit or miss with me), so I give it like a 5% chance of surprising me and being decent/good. I'll be sure to let you know if it's worth a movie ticket lol
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