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Fri Jul 08 08:47:06

George Takei: Gay Sulu 'really unfortunate'

Star Trek actor George Takei has said the decision to make Sulu gay in the forthcoming film Star Trek Beyond is "really unfortunate".

The 79-year-old played the character as heterosexual for decades on screen, but the latest film sees Sulu, played by John Cho, married to a man.

The move had been intended as a tribute to Takei, who is openly gay himself.

But Takei said, while he welcomed a gay character, it was "a twisting" of creator Gene Roddenberry's vision.
Tentacle Rapist
Thu Jul 14 10:48:01
It is dumb, changing a character just to be trendy. Takei is right, if they really wanted to do it right, they would make a new character that was gay. By right, of course I mean a hot female who just happens to be a homosexual
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