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The Children
Fri Jul 15 03:33:19
heard this was avatar kinda sequelish series. not that i enjoyed avatar was a 6 out of 10 for me at most...but got nottin 2 do atm anyway.

anyway legend of korra...only few episodes in but kinda disappointin.

main heroine is a girl, supposed 2 be the new avatar.

story is kinda flashy unlike avatar which was slower? i dunt know the scenes just change so fast in korra...its kinda hard 2 get in2?

The Children
Fri Jul 15 03:34:22
i mean first few episodes is about a tournament? i mean like wtf...like anyone is gonna be in2 that?

Fri Jul 15 13:57:12
I enjoyed Korra. Season 3 is the best, followed by 1. 2 and 4 are both pretty terrible but they also have the most Varrick so that compensates.

It is a lot faster then Avatar because it is only 4 seasons after ~52 episodes, whereas Avatar was 4 seasons and ~100 episodes.

Overall it has too much filler, poor pacing, and too many attempts to introduce romantic plots.

I enjoyed the animation style (although animation quality & models do change every season because it was juggled between two companies, I think season 2 is the most drastic/weakest though).
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