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The Children
Sat Aug 13 12:58:20
fkin sucks

fck that piece of shit. this is garbage. first lets start off with the obvious. which is the name. man does this name suck ass or what. bo ru to? i mean really? 4 real? broruto? who the fck came up with this shit. i mean who is the wage slave that came up with this bro ruto shit.

fck this.

ok so secondly lets talk about the recurrin (old) characters. like so wtf did they do 2 the characters man! what the fck happened buddy. did this boy drew the characters while he was drunk or something. holy fkin shit.
i get it the story is about the new generation now so the old characters have only limited roles (mostly as parents and shit) but holy shit did they do a good troll job.
i mean first impression, what the fck happened 2 sasukes face man. like seriously the hell happened 2 the dude. he looks like professor snape! thats not a good thing! holy moly.
then his arm. he lost an arm or something? holy shit like wtf he turned in2 the lone swordsmen or something.

what was the name of that chinese series again? bloodsword i think, yea where the dude had his arm cut off in bloodsword 2. yea, wtf sasuke.
so he is like the lone swordsmen now with the face of professor snape!? dude got wrecked.

now the new generation of characters. i have 2 say, i hated all of them! i do not like bruruto. he is like a piece of shit brat, a complete generation zero embodiement. fck that shit. whats there 2 like. his attitude stinks but ofc he is going 2 be the golden child who will be able 2 do everything *rolls eyes*. can we drop this fkin liberal nonsense and just kill him off or what.
fck this bullshit that he is gonna surpass his parents.

fck sarada she looks like a stupid nerd. and this supposed 2 be sasukes kid. why is he havin a daughter. oh rite so we can set up a bro ruto romance. uggggh i think now is a good time 2 puke!

the third kid whats his fkin name, was so insignificant i cant even remember his fkin name! turns out he is da kid of an important character but anyway just from the way he looked in the movie, he fkin sucks. he looked creepy as shit and played such a minor role, u basically thought nottin of him.

anyway, movin on 2 story. does this story fkin suck or what. the kid bruruto is annoyin as hell. naruto looks like shit, sasuke got butchered by the drawin board. the terrible korean dubs made it almost unbearable 2 watch. who were the villains. they were so fkin 1 dimensional u dunt even remember who they were! first its alrdy bullshit enough how they punked naruto and sasuke as by the end of the shippuuden stuff they were practically gods who were heads and shoulders above everyone else. so its bullshit 2 begin with that they r made 2 look like fools and then this kid bro ruto comes saves the day liberal bullshit.

fck this shit. the story is written by a drunk toddler. who else culd come up with such bullshit.
then they make this kid be sasukes apprentice. i mean like seriously wtf. so supposedly his daughter sarada doesnt even know her father and shit coz he is never home. and the few times he is in the village, he is now spendin his time trainin this bullshit gen zero broruto now instead of being at home with his wife and daughter? lol like wtf?

man i can not be gentle with this piece of shit movie. everything from the concept, the new characters, story, the butcherin of old characters, everything fkin stinks.

3 out of 10

oh yea, fck filler episodes!
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