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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Caligula (1979)
Tentacle Rapist
Tue Aug 23 11:49:57
The film is called one of the most obscene mainstream movies ever, and IMDb’s Parental Guide states that “No child should ever watch it, and several adults will have trouble with it. The film’s risque content is considered pornographic in nature, with several hardcore inserts intended to sensually arouse, but really turn out to be quite disturbing.”

Anyone know a good torrent, this movie sounds fun!
the wanderer
Tue Aug 23 12:15:25
"most obscene --mainstream-- movies"

i'm sure it's got nothing on Japanese cartoons
Tentacle Rapist
Tue Aug 23 13:19:25
Well obviously. Don't really want to watch cartoons of my extended family commit tentacle rape though. So much better to do it myself.
Cherub Cow
Tue Aug 23 13:41:16
Having seen it, yes it's basically a porn. It did go for a lot of historical accuracy though, so it's like a historical porn.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Aug 23 14:46:26

I used to walk by a theater that showed this when I lived in San Francisco. I never bothered to go in and see it though.

Tentacle Rapist
Tue Aug 23 19:31:59
That's because you couldn't afford to
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