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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / Venom (2018)
Thu Oct 11 02:41:25
Sort of a Carnage USA sort of deal-ish? But not at all. This is the single most subtle film you will ever see maybe.

It is essentially the Anime Kill la Kill. I mean the symbiote/uniform allegory is woah. But the whole end thing there is like woah again.

Anyways. As a movie goes, it was not very good. The PG13 rating ruined all the action scenes, the chase scene was just bad imo, the effects were not very good and a certain someone shouldn't have died.

Buuut, I enjoyed Tom Harry's performance a lot and I like where it is going, with the possibility of an R rated sequel (is that a thing they do?) it might be good.

I mean the sequel is set up and itll have to be...

Anyways, because I loved the kill la kill rip-offness.

Google turns up no results of anyone noticing this, but a surprising amount of kill la kill/ enom fanfiction and fanart.


Anyways, it ranks like.... 5th of all modern super hero movies I guess.
Thu Oct 11 02:43:09
It actually is more aptly described as a set-up or prelude to carnage USA.

I'm not personally sure where the skrrt symbiote is first introduced but it was just prior to that.
Thu Oct 11 02:49:40
I noticed Crain did the art of Carnage USA. He didn't do a whole lot of Ghost Rider, but I can't envision a Ghost Rider not drawn by Crain.

They should really revisit the idea behind Beowulf and that Keanu Reeves movie, A scanner darkly.

That is how comic book movies should ultimately be made
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