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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / The Walking Dead (Cont. 11)
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 19:41:44
SPOILERS at all times! :p

Thread 10:
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 19:43:37
*"I hope this doesn't [affect] my death picks :("

"are you sure Tara was one of them?"

Totes :(
They showed her head just before Henry, and then they showed her fighting with the others in the barn.

"they should've put name tag captions + a non-dead portrait up next to the heads so we could tell who they were :p"

Considering that the Whisperers killed some total rando teens who apparently had no parents, that wouldn't have been a bad idea :D
Alpha should have stuck around longer to make sure that she was killing important people. She probably killed Tammy because Tammy had one of the Whisperer babies, but she had no idea that peeps *wanted* Tammy dead (if anyone in the communities shared my opinion of her), lulz
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 20:09:30
Oh, looks like I got it wrong about the redheaded character. She wasn't a teen, she was one of Negan's former wives who joined Alexandria after the Saviors fell (one of the ones who asked Eugene for poison with which to kill Negan), so she had had a few lines before this episode. She had adopted a daughter (one of the kids who was taken captive by Michonne's old friend), so it looks like the writers tried to show that all of the characters were connected to others (it was Eugene who first asks where Frankie is, with Frankie's concerned daughter standing next to Eugene). It would have been funny if they showed a head that no one *there* recognized, though :D .. like what if Alpha planted the head of that random whisperer who saw her crying? :D
the wanderer
Mon Mar 25 23:06:32
so who leads Hilltop now? i saw Maggie in a promo for a different show so that may explain her disappearance :p

and they've whacked Jesus & Tara

i rewatched the head segment & i think the problem is it cuts to Gabriel asking Eugene if he's seen 'her'... not sure why we should know he means Tara there
the wanderer
Mon Mar 25 23:17:00
...i mean obviously not everyone is as stupid as me & could recognize the heads :p... but seems like those cutaways were to help us identify them & that one doesn't seem to help
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 26 01:05:57
Yeah, that one could have been two "her"s — Tara or Rosita (Michonne and Carol were alive at the pikes already, and Gabriel doesn't really talk with any other women). When I watched the first time I thought it might be Rosita just because it was Gabriel and Eugene talking (part of Rosita's crew), but after seeing Tara (a surprise to me) I guessed we were supposed to hear Gabriel's official-sounding councilman tone ("If you happen to see her, could you tell her I need to speak with her?"). I think the writers must have been trying to hide it for an extra second with her so that showing her head would be more shocking for viewers... worked on me at least :D

This is the first episode in a while that I've wanted to watch twice... maybe not since Negan was defeated (which speaks to a sort of uneventful season 9). Finale should be lots of fun :D

"so who leads Hilltop now? i saw Maggie in a promo for a different show so that may explain her disappearance :p"

Lulz, yeah. That's why I mentioned that Maggie has been cheating on the show with another show ;D ... Morgan too, I guess. Plot-wise they really can't keep her off for much longer, so they need to fix her scheduling conflict.

Not sure who this puts in charge... probably either Siddiq or Alden, Enid's former BF. Siddiq just took to the stage for his big speech (a leadership moment, whereas Alden was afraid to take the stage for a song), so he seems most likely. Hopefully not Earl (Tammy's husband). Kal (Glenn's doppelgänger) would make sense if they gave him more lines, but he'll probably just stay a fighter.

Oh, I didn't realize until now that it was Hilltop hit the hardest: except for the highwaymen (Kingdom) and Frankie (Alexandria), all of those on pikes were Hilltop people. That must explain how Alpha targeted them.
the wanderer
Mon Apr 01 00:22:25

-- season finale --

so much death...

I like snowy night scenes so that was nice
we again see how odd it is that Judith is still alive

they mention sending a letter to Maggie and not hearing back... not sure how that works in a way that makes sense
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 01 20:19:35
+1 ; it pretty much doesn't make any sense :/ .. just a meta moment where they're like, "We promise Cohan will return!"

"so much death..."

Yeah. Another filler episode? :/
I clearly had hoped that the peace build-up was heading to a good finale, but they totally denied a fair slaughter by delaying things until next season. I suspect that Maggie is supposed to be a big part of the Whisperer conflict in which case the writers just had to avoid developing the story until Lauren Cohan returns to the show.. but wasting an entire season for that? :/

It could also be because they have a new showrunner (Angela Kang took over for season 9), but if it's her and not just Cohan at fault then — leaving her in charge — they will build some serious ratings issues and just tank the show altogether. If they were trying to write well, they'd make season 10 the last and wrap everything up, but their decision to waste season 9 makes it seem like they've decided to phone it so that AMC can guarantee a programming slot. Apparently they've contracted some of the actors for 3 years, Rick is supposed to get his own side movies, and Michonne may be getting the Maggie treatment next season...

All we had was that..
• Carol is breaking up with the King,
• Lydia is going to stick it out,
• Radio communications may have gotten them in touch with another (new) community, and
• Negan earned enough trust to maybe not be jailed anymore

It would at least be fun to see Negan take charge and just push everyone around :D

"we again see how odd it is that Judith is still alive"

Yeah, lol :D ... when she ran off I was immediately like, "Fucking idiot kid." Risks freezing to death to run off to get a dog? Wow... And good thing that no one else but Negan cared enough to help ;p

Bleh. Total bummer.
the wanderer
Mon Apr 01 23:28:38
i don't blame her for going for the dog... they should all die to save the dog :p

the Whisperer society doesn't make much sense to me... they claim to like to move (plus they must move far to not have been an issue before)... yet they want borders now... why?

and their camps don't make a lot of sense as noted earlier :p
Cherub Cow
Tue Apr 02 01:12:11
The borders thing only makes sense to me as a provocation (to force a conflict) or just a seasonal thing. Like, "We'll be here for the winter, so stay out of our hunting areas."

A day-in-the-life episode would be nice :D
I'd be interested in how a nomadic group feeds itself without stalking animal herds.. though maybe they're able to get to difficult resource spots because of their method? It's a pretty big group to keep fed...
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