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Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 24 07:34:25
For reference, USA Network is putting episodes on their website for free (with commercials) until about January 2020:
Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 24 07:34:41
@S2E2: "Everything Is Fine"

Not too realistic that the police didn't go into the safe house after they captured Tommy ... that's an easy probable cause situation that normal police would take advantage of, and these were *Purge* world police.. you'd think they'd be all over that chance.

Pretty cool reveal for Purge justice system processes: hold criminals until Purge night, then clean out the prisons ;p

Little cameo by Drew Scheid. He looks like he was in 1985's "Mask", but actually he was in Halloween (2018) :p

Looks like part of the show's usual anti-Purge commentary will be that the Purge makes citizens *more* violent, which in Purge world would be counter to its goal of freeing citizens from violence. (That professor's studies look to be on the negative effects on the brain.) That would be why the NFFA wanted the professor dead — to protect its image. But hey! Even if people get more violent, they'd still only be allowed that violence on Purge Night, so is it *really* a big threat to the NFFA? ;p
the wanderer
Thu Oct 24 11:46:06
well even if they went in, they wouldn't seize the other money or arrest the other people... they probably didn't want that awkwardness :p

we got to see a bit of the 'day after' stuff like the maid/corpse clean up & the super busy hospital :p but definitely lots of other material they could've shown (but perhaps just avoiding awkwardness again)
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 27 22:05:01
They need to get maximum awkward! ;D

The maid/corpse thing was fun, but I can't imagine the kids being that cool about suddenly not having a dad ;D

Hospital was cool too. They showed the difficulty a doctor's oath would have with purge realities... like, it was super unethical to be questioning someone instead of focusing on saving his life. Hopefully he gets fired for that :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Oct 30 04:26:29
For new episodes (at least from episode 3 on), it looks like USA is forcing viewers to sign in through a TV provider to view the episode :/

I thought peeps had gone away from that model by now, but whatever. Amazon has it for $3 per episode or $17 for all of season2, and iTunes has it for $3 per episode or $25 for all of season2. iTunes must not have realized that since USA gave out the first two episodes for free online that iTunes should not be charging more than $24 for a season pass ([10 episodes at $3 each = $30] - [2 episodes at $3] = [$24]), so their bulk discount is non-existent. Amazon it is...

@S2E2: "Blindspots"

@Beginning court scene: Neat that judges have the option of not sentencing people to death for lesser crimes. I figured it would just be across-the-board death for anyone who broke a law as Purge ended. I mean, I guess it is, but what's-his-name seemed shocked ;D

.. I hope strawberry salesmen in the New Orleans area don't close shop due to psychopath purgers D:

..that Ben character has one of those weird concave chests, and he's pretty lanky. Could be pectus excavatum due to Marfan syndrome ;p

[Max]: "I don't break the law."
[Esme]: "Then you won't have a problem."

Classic.. the old "Nothing to hide argument" used by a government surveillance operative. What could go wrong? :|

Dermot Mulroney once again voiced Bobby Sheridan (radio pro-Purge guy) on the show. I submitted yet another IMDB update request, so we'll see if anything happens. This time I wrote exactly where in the episode he spoke and gave two different sources verifying that the show producer herself said that it's him, so hopefully that's enough. It would be a bummer if — when he finally makes his on-screen appearance — someone else is able to get credit on IMDB for the previous episodes. I mean, clearly no one else recognized his voice and hunted down the info ;p
the wanderer
Wed Oct 30 11:45:57
The Purge (TV Series)
Bobby Sheridan
- Blindspots (2019) ... Bobby Sheridan (voice, uncredited)

i'm not sure if they are trying to indicate the Purge is failing or just know their audience wants more crime to view :p... but you have stabby still stabbing, black guy still dodging death, & the robbers seem like planning to hit the truck before Purge night starts

i mean they have that brain effect story going, but that seems only be relevant to stabby
Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 31 08:08:25
Yeah... hopefully they'll keep the spontaneous purging to that one character, and everyone else will be involved in crime only as it relates to dealing with other purge issues. If that truck swerving at Marcus was a legit murder attempt, then it's kind of world-breaking (why not wait until next year?). I took it as a general threat to stop pursuing his investigation, but that's to be seen...

And if that heist crew tries to hit the planes before they take off for purge... that's another problem (I'm hoping that they just stage everything legally and then manage to force the planes down as the sirens start). Then again, if the theme is just that the Purge sort of bleeds over the edge of the start/end of the sirens, then that makes sense. Maybe the least amount of crime would be in that nice middle point between purges ;)


Awesome! Thx!! \:D/
Since they accepted that one, I went ahead and fixed my former Mulroney submissions (S01E02 – S01E07, S01E09, and S01E10) and re-submitted them. That's worth like, 8 Internet points ;D
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 01 04:54:25
All of my episode updates were rejected >:|
I went through each episode and verified that he was in them and even listed time points, but they still rejected them. Time to complain in their forums :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 06 05:28:44
@S2E4: "Grief Box"

Looks like they need a better assembly line for filling up those urns with fake ash.. super inefficient ;)

Glad that they skipped forward a few months.

lulz@cause of death being "heat stroke"
Okay, so that's pretty cool if the NFFA is hiding normal crime numbers by pretending that people don't get murdered during the year. Doesn't seem like that would work in practice. The coverup would require too many people, so word would get out, and people would just kill whenever they wanted (albeit privately).

Pretty funny that Ben (tall sociopath) has a new friendship based on a love of purging XD
I guess we'll find out how many people Ben can kill before the NFFA steps in and says, "Seriously? Can you not wait until next Purge?"
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 02:20:53
i'll guess he doesn't stab that girl... maybe a hobo

i wonder if that flashback guy was stealing the Childish Gambino look or if that's how he always looked
Cherub Cow
Thu Nov 07 05:00:57
lulz, I had to go back to the flashback. Do you mean that guy with the big beard and crazy, misshapen hair? :D
If so, you might be right (stolen) XD

"i'll guess he doesn't stab that girl... maybe a hobo"

But he may think she's a perfect target! He just found out that the NFFA covers up murder, so if he kills an anti-NFFA person, that's like, doubly-assured cover-up ;D
Then again.. homeless people would be prime-time NFFA targets too.. so.. ¿Porque No Los Dos? ;)
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 12:25:08
that's probably the right guy :p

i think it's the same guy he accused in the present of trying to purge him (although he's greyer & less Gambino-y then)

as for the girl, i just suspect he gets interrupted or something... stabbing a tiny waifish girl would be wrong :p (plus things don't continue as expected when moving from one episode to another) so going by a show-writing perspective not in-world perspective

they should do a crossover and bring in Dexter & have him teach the kid how to do it right... but maybe have Dexter kill him & just keep Dexter in the show as he's more charismatic... & he'd have lots of options during & after Purge nights
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 12:40:25
...i suppose he could kill her & they just don't show it, we just see a news report w/ non-murder explanation for her death or something
the wanderer
Wed Nov 13 00:59:38

S2.E5: House of Mirrors

...i guess option C, where no mention at all :p so perhaps he did kill her

lots of tense moments, a good episode imo

i was thinking it was someone who wanted black guy's wife, so finally was right on something... even though i didn't mention it... i had been doubting my TV watching abilities w/ all my failures at understanding Watchmen :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 13 06:38:58
..I like that they showed that the banker was a little incompetent as a way to justify why he couldn't talk his way into that rich couple's safe..

@17:20 house-breaking scene: No masks? Even on Purge Night they wear masks...

@Ben (sociopath) killing his purge friend: D: D: D:
Wow. He is *really* bad at covering up evidence. Just a quick wipe of the knife?
With the lack of a blood trail, I thought maybe the NFFA got in there and recovered the body super fast (their surveillance catching it and the fire drill being a cover), but he later does find a blood trail — slightly less interesting outcome :p
Can't imagine him getting away with it, so he'll probably be in the Purge Night prisoner cleansing?

"...i guess option C, where no mention at all :p so perhaps he did kill her"

Yeah, zero mention. Not even a hint of a body recovered or anything. Odd... With how messy his other kills were, I'm 50/50 on whether he killed her or not (if he killed her, she probably would have been found quickly? If he didn't, why bother ending the previous episode like that?).

"i was thinking it was someone who wanted black guy's wife, so finally was right on something... even though i didn't mention it... i had been doubting my TV watching abilities w/ all my failures at understanding Watchmen :p"

Aww! I bereeeve in youuuu! ;D
That would have been good to hear in advance! With the looks she had been giving, I just thought it was her and that her Purge trauma meeting was a ruse.

Trying to recover from an affair must be extra dangerous when purging is an option. It's tough enough in a non-Purge world to trust someone not to kill you while you sleep, so in a Purge world with an affair in the past... yeah... :p

"lots of tense moments, a good episode imo"

Was fun! I wish they hadn't cut the house break-in scene like that, though. Too much on the editing floor without getting to see how they survived while police were on the way. Still, with their new situation, looks like they'll have a chance to get the heist money *and* kill their old boss, so good for them! ;)
the wanderer
Wed Nov 13 12:06:57
iirc, last season they had all story lines basically merge... so i predict Ben will keep stabbing til end of season when he's enlisted to stab someone from the other story lines :p

(although they had all story lines have some kind of link in episode 1, so maybe going the opposite direction this time... stories starting merged and branching rather than reversed)
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