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Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 24 07:34:25
For reference, USA Network is putting episodes on their website for free (with commercials) until about January 2020:
Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 24 07:34:41
@S2E2: "Everything Is Fine"

Not too realistic that the police didn't go into the safe house after they captured Tommy ... that's an easy probable cause situation that normal police would take advantage of, and these were *Purge* world police.. you'd think they'd be all over that chance.

Pretty cool reveal for Purge justice system processes: hold criminals until Purge night, then clean out the prisons ;p

Little cameo by Drew Scheid. He looks like he was in 1985's "Mask", but actually he was in Halloween (2018) :p

Looks like part of the show's usual anti-Purge commentary will be that the Purge makes citizens *more* violent, which in Purge world would be counter to its goal of freeing citizens from violence. (That professor's studies look to be on the negative effects on the brain.) That would be why the NFFA wanted the professor dead — to protect its image. But hey! Even if people get more violent, they'd still only be allowed that violence on Purge Night, so is it *really* a big threat to the NFFA? ;p
the wanderer
Thu Oct 24 11:46:06
well even if they went in, they wouldn't seize the other money or arrest the other people... they probably didn't want that awkwardness :p

we got to see a bit of the 'day after' stuff like the maid/corpse clean up & the super busy hospital :p but definitely lots of other material they could've shown (but perhaps just avoiding awkwardness again)
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 27 22:05:01
They need to get maximum awkward! ;D

The maid/corpse thing was fun, but I can't imagine the kids being that cool about suddenly not having a dad ;D

Hospital was cool too. They showed the difficulty a doctor's oath would have with purge realities... like, it was super unethical to be questioning someone instead of focusing on saving his life. Hopefully he gets fired for that :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Oct 30 04:26:29
For new episodes (at least from episode 3 on), it looks like USA is forcing viewers to sign in through a TV provider to view the episode :/

I thought peeps had gone away from that model by now, but whatever. Amazon has it for $3 per episode or $17 for all of season2, and iTunes has it for $3 per episode or $25 for all of season2. iTunes must not have realized that since USA gave out the first two episodes for free online that iTunes should not be charging more than $24 for a season pass ([10 episodes at $3 each = $30] - [2 episodes at $3] = [$24]), so their bulk discount is non-existent. Amazon it is...

@S2E2: "Blindspots"

@Beginning court scene: Neat that judges have the option of not sentencing people to death for lesser crimes. I figured it would just be across-the-board death for anyone who broke a law as Purge ended. I mean, I guess it is, but what's-his-name seemed shocked ;D

.. I hope strawberry salesmen in the New Orleans area don't close shop due to psychopath purgers D:

..that Ben character has one of those weird concave chests, and he's pretty lanky. Could be pectus excavatum due to Marfan syndrome ;p

[Max]: "I don't break the law."
[Esme]: "Then you won't have a problem."

Classic.. the old "Nothing to hide argument" used by a government surveillance operative. What could go wrong? :|

Dermot Mulroney once again voiced Bobby Sheridan (radio pro-Purge guy) on the show. I submitted yet another IMDB update request, so we'll see if anything happens. This time I wrote exactly where in the episode he spoke and gave two different sources verifying that the show producer herself said that it's him, so hopefully that's enough. It would be a bummer if — when he finally makes his on-screen appearance — someone else is able to get credit on IMDB for the previous episodes. I mean, clearly no one else recognized his voice and hunted down the info ;p
the wanderer
Wed Oct 30 11:45:57
The Purge (TV Series)
Bobby Sheridan
- Blindspots (2019) ... Bobby Sheridan (voice, uncredited)

i'm not sure if they are trying to indicate the Purge is failing or just know their audience wants more crime to view :p... but you have stabby still stabbing, black guy still dodging death, & the robbers seem like planning to hit the truck before Purge night starts

i mean they have that brain effect story going, but that seems only be relevant to stabby
Cherub Cow
Thu Oct 31 08:08:25
Yeah... hopefully they'll keep the spontaneous purging to that one character, and everyone else will be involved in crime only as it relates to dealing with other purge issues. If that truck swerving at Marcus was a legit murder attempt, then it's kind of world-breaking (why not wait until next year?). I took it as a general threat to stop pursuing his investigation, but that's to be seen...

And if that heist crew tries to hit the planes before they take off for purge... that's another problem (I'm hoping that they just stage everything legally and then manage to force the planes down as the sirens start). Then again, if the theme is just that the Purge sort of bleeds over the edge of the start/end of the sirens, then that makes sense. Maybe the least amount of crime would be in that nice middle point between purges ;)


Awesome! Thx!! \:D/
Since they accepted that one, I went ahead and fixed my former Mulroney submissions (S01E02 – S01E07, S01E09, and S01E10) and re-submitted them. That's worth like, 8 Internet points ;D
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 01 04:54:25
All of my episode updates were rejected >:|
I went through each episode and verified that he was in them and even listed time points, but they still rejected them. Time to complain in their forums :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 06 05:28:44
@S2E4: "Grief Box"

Looks like they need a better assembly line for filling up those urns with fake ash.. super inefficient ;)

Glad that they skipped forward a few months.

lulz@cause of death being "heat stroke"
Okay, so that's pretty cool if the NFFA is hiding normal crime numbers by pretending that people don't get murdered during the year. Doesn't seem like that would work in practice. The coverup would require too many people, so word would get out, and people would just kill whenever they wanted (albeit privately).

Pretty funny that Ben (tall sociopath) has a new friendship based on a love of purging XD
I guess we'll find out how many people Ben can kill before the NFFA steps in and says, "Seriously? Can you not wait until next Purge?"
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 02:20:53
i'll guess he doesn't stab that girl... maybe a hobo

i wonder if that flashback guy was stealing the Childish Gambino look or if that's how he always looked
Cherub Cow
Thu Nov 07 05:00:57
lulz, I had to go back to the flashback. Do you mean that guy with the big beard and crazy, misshapen hair? :D
If so, you might be right (stolen) XD

"i'll guess he doesn't stab that girl... maybe a hobo"

But he may think she's a perfect target! He just found out that the NFFA covers up murder, so if he kills an anti-NFFA person, that's like, doubly-assured cover-up ;D
Then again.. homeless people would be prime-time NFFA targets too.. so.. ¿Porque No Los Dos? ;)
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 12:25:08
that's probably the right guy :p

i think it's the same guy he accused in the present of trying to purge him (although he's greyer & less Gambino-y then)

as for the girl, i just suspect he gets interrupted or something... stabbing a tiny waifish girl would be wrong :p (plus things don't continue as expected when moving from one episode to another) so going by a show-writing perspective not in-world perspective

they should do a crossover and bring in Dexter & have him teach the kid how to do it right... but maybe have Dexter kill him & just keep Dexter in the show as he's more charismatic... & he'd have lots of options during & after Purge nights
the wanderer
Thu Nov 07 12:40:25
...i suppose he could kill her & they just don't show it, we just see a news report w/ non-murder explanation for her death or something
the wanderer
Wed Nov 13 00:59:38

S2.E5: House of Mirrors

...i guess option C, where no mention at all :p so perhaps he did kill her

lots of tense moments, a good episode imo

i was thinking it was someone who wanted black guy's wife, so finally was right on something... even though i didn't mention it... i had been doubting my TV watching abilities w/ all my failures at understanding Watchmen :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 13 06:38:58
..I like that they showed that the banker was a little incompetent as a way to justify why he couldn't talk his way into that rich couple's safe..

@17:20 house-breaking scene: No masks? Even on Purge Night they wear masks...

@Ben (sociopath) killing his purge friend: D: D: D:
Wow. He is *really* bad at covering up evidence. Just a quick wipe of the knife?
With the lack of a blood trail, I thought maybe the NFFA got in there and recovered the body super fast (their surveillance catching it and the fire drill being a cover), but he later does find a blood trail — slightly less interesting outcome :p
Can't imagine him getting away with it, so he'll probably be in the Purge Night prisoner cleansing?

"...i guess option C, where no mention at all :p so perhaps he did kill her"

Yeah, zero mention. Not even a hint of a body recovered or anything. Odd... With how messy his other kills were, I'm 50/50 on whether he killed her or not (if he killed her, she probably would have been found quickly? If he didn't, why bother ending the previous episode like that?).

"i was thinking it was someone who wanted black guy's wife, so finally was right on something... even though i didn't mention it... i had been doubting my TV watching abilities w/ all my failures at understanding Watchmen :p"

Aww! I bereeeve in youuuu! ;D
That would have been good to hear in advance! With the looks she had been giving, I just thought it was her and that her Purge trauma meeting was a ruse.

Trying to recover from an affair must be extra dangerous when purging is an option. It's tough enough in a non-Purge world to trust someone not to kill you while you sleep, so in a Purge world with an affair in the past... yeah... :p

"lots of tense moments, a good episode imo"

Was fun! I wish they hadn't cut the house break-in scene like that, though. Too much on the editing floor without getting to see how they survived while police were on the way. Still, with their new situation, looks like they'll have a chance to get the heist money *and* kill their old boss, so good for them! ;)
the wanderer
Wed Nov 13 12:06:57
iirc, last season they had all story lines basically merge... so i predict Ben will keep stabbing til end of season when he's enlisted to stab someone from the other story lines :p

(although they had all story lines have some kind of link in episode 1, so maybe going the opposite direction this time... stories starting merged and branching rather than reversed)
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 15 05:09:32
Oh true. Merging could work again!

..Going with your idea: Maybe Ben and Tommy (the caught robber) end up in the same "to be killed on Purge Night" justice system group. Actually.. that might work for Esme (NFFA surveillance worker) too. Not sure how Marcus and/or Michelle would get nabbed.. so maybe Marcus gets caught killing the guy who tried to purge him? Then, when they're about to be executed by police on Purge night, the cop leader guy breaks them out (there for Tommy but frees everyone)? That could add some extra stabby time for Ben, who would be psyched to be free on Purge Night and would immediately waste his freedom with more bad decisions ;D

Update: My Dermot Mulroney submissions on IMDB have started setting a precedent for other IMDB reviewer-employees. The last one went through without any "denied" responses, and the one before that I just submitted a few times and eventually got a reviewer willing to accept it >:D
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 15 05:18:33
Holy crap. Not sure if you played "Left 4 Dead 2", but in looking up actor names for the Purge, I saw that Rochelle Aytes (Michelle, Marcus' wife) did the voice for Rochelle in L4D2. Pretty obvious in hindsight :D
Compilation of L4D2 Rochelle's sound files for reference:
the wanderer
Sat Nov 16 23:04:48
i guess a prison break would be legal on Purge night so perhaps you'll be right

probably more likely to happen than my guess that Carl started the zombie infection (although that hasn't been disproven)
the wanderer
Tue Nov 19 23:25:52

S2.E6: Happy Holidays

seems Dermot has stopped jerking everyone around :p

& seems Ben did kill that girl

Michelle certainly got on board quick w/ the kidnapping "i'll get the duct tape" :p

Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 20 06:12:00
"seems Dermot has stopped jerking everyone around :p"

Woohoo! I just spam-submitted the remaining five episodes that IMDB previously denied (S01E05–7, S01E09–10) instead of doing them one-by-one. They can't reject the submissions now that he's appeared on screen and in the credits >:D

I hope Mulroney appreciates his crazed fans ;D

[Bobby Sheridan]: "You're nobody in America unless somebody wants to Purge you."

lulz... I love it :D

They went too dark on Ben's makeup in that interrogation scene.

@[10:41]: Weird that Ben didn't smash the mask to pieces before concealing it. Must want to keep it.
@Ending: Yeah... killers and their trophies ;)
That mask has also been a poster for the show, so the writers wouldn't want to destroy it. It could be a merchandise opportunity for them if they can make it a symbol :p

Ben's mom seems to recognize that he's Purged.. kind of like their version of "He's growing up!" :D

"Michelle certainly got on board quick w/ the kidnapping "i'll get the duct tape" :p"

Yeah! That made me suspicious of her again. I was reading that scene like she was trying to force a confession when she was really to blame. I kept thinking that was the case up until her liaison successfully entered his password. If he hadn't known the password, then guilt would be back to Rochelle. Maybe it still is, but only in a 10000-dollar increment? ;D
Aww.. no.. she seems to want to save the marriage if she's willing to duct tape people to help his search ♥:) .. or she just has the self control to evade his suspicion until next Purge Night D:

That "look around" scene could have been directed just a little better. Instead of two people standing on their porch, it could have been someone peering out a window. The rest of the neighbors being available for examination all at once was sort of bad, but they weren't so obviously staged by the director. Like, walking a dog makes more sense than just standing on a porch ready to glare at the neighbor you don't like. Sitting in a chair ready to glare at the neighbor? Sure. But standing? ;D

Expected more from Esme when it comes to evading surveillance! The only moves she had were taking off her hat and oversized shirt and putting on a different hat. Her dead spots camera map barely even worked. At first, I thought they were headed for a better version of this quick change technique:
(Relevant time point)
..maybe combined with that Bourne Ultimatum Waterloo Station scene. Now that she's in a cool gang, she'll have another chance :)
the wanderer
Wed Nov 20 14:28:45
yeah, Esme's map use didn't make much sense as she was immediately picked up on camera after showing her examining it :p
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 27 03:43:09
@S2E7: "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

lol@beginning corporate mask-maker table. Strategically exploiting market segments with feigned support (the LGBTQ part) reminds me of this Onion article:
"‘I Don’t Fit Into Any Of Corporate America’s Little Boxes,’ Says Single, 18-To-36-Year-Old Hispanic Female With Brand Loyalty To Tom’s, Chobani"

..I like that Marcus' reaction to finding out that a bunch of people want to kill him is to investigate a bunch of people... You'd think he'd take the hint like, "That's too many people. I think I'll go to Canada this coming Purge," and be done with it...

[Sitting guy who clapped]: "What a speech."
Umm, that was like, three sentences.

@13 minutes: Not a lot of urgency putting that wig on. Considering there's facial recognition tech and a surveillance network, you'd think she'd put it on the second she saw it.

@Marcus' son showing up: This makes me wonder if people will purge based on Jay&Silent Bob criteria.. like.. purging Internet trolls ;p

Only in bad horror can someone stand in the middle of a road with high visibility in both directions and somehow get hit by a truck ;p .. at least they used a lot of blood \:D/

..Marcus' reasoning is a little flawed if he thinks that not being able to leave the *state* with his son *also* means that he has to stay in the same neighborhood... Their next move probably should have been a hotel... Sticking it out will be cool, of course, but one roadblock was enough to send them back? Police couldn't stop every vehicle on Interstate highways all day every day without severe economic issues...

No idea how Ben still hasn't been put in jail. The police would just circle back to him, that stab wound wouldn't go unnoticed by paramedics, and neither would the finger-shaped bruising around Kelen's (his GF's) neck. They could explain these issues away by saying that the NFFA likes protecting killers, but that scene with the two detectives made it seem like the NFFA still does its job when peeps like Ben publicly hurt their low crime stats image.

2 days to Purge! Woohoo! ;D
the wanderer
Wed Nov 27 22:20:46
i thought maybe the marketed masks would save Ben when cops found his mask, but not looking like they're using that angle

i'll assume the jackals research is to do a backstab of the corrupt cop woman (although perhaps that's obvious :p)

anyway, yay for Purge approaching! maybe Ben will stab every main character in a wild spree & that's how it ends
the wanderer
Tue Dec 03 22:51:40

S2.Ep8 - Before the Sirens

looks like you got the prison break idea right, not sure why they'd bus the people after it started, seems like you'd put them in a kill facility ahead of time... how much hazard pay is that driver getting?

Ben seems to be having fun... Esme has her Trinity thing going on... not sure if all stories will merge or not :p, a path becoming harder to spot

Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 04 06:53:36
@7 minutes: Marcus had some cool boots on :p

Solid episode! I didn't have anything to say until the end :D

They even showed something that Walking Dead didn't: When Ben blood choked his frat brother, Ben released him and the brother wasn't dead.. just unconscious (albeit for too long). That's how it would have worked with Siddiq IRL.

"not sure why they'd bus the people after it started, seems like you'd put them in a kill facility ahead of time... how much hazard pay is that driver getting?"

Yeah! That makes no sense. Government tends to be inefficient but not about executions. They'd have everyone lined up and would execute them right when the siren sounded. And if not executing immediately, then at the *very* least there would be no further transportation necessary. That's just bad writing to force an opportunity for the jailbreak. A better writing solution may have been to have Ryan (leader cop) ready to start the jailbreak right when the sirens started.. so everyone is lined up for execution, but then a wall blows up or something.. I was hoping that that was why he was speeding away in a hurry ;)

"looks like you got the prison break idea right"

Partly ;D

"not sure if all stories will merge or not :p, a path becoming harder to spot"

Yeah, not sure how they'll connect everyone anymore.. or if they'll connect. Would Ben bring his frat brother to the same warehouse where Ben almost died (last Purge) for torture? That has symmetry.. but a warehouse (Ben) and a neighborhood (Marcus&Rochelle) would be the toughest to get together. Ben could cross paths with the prison bus, and Esme could be available anywhere, but for Marcus&Esme to be involved, they'd have to flee from their home. But! I just realized that this was only episode 8, so they have 2 episodes to move pieces around. Two whole episodes of Purge Night!! \:D/
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 04 06:56:52
Oh! Good call, btw:
"i'll assume the jackals research is to do a backstab of the corrupt cop woman (although perhaps that's obvious :p)"

And they really drove in that corrupt cop getting her comeuppance :D .. they showed her dead on the ground 3 times. I like that characters like her and that cult leader from season 1 don't get any big "I'm about to die but now get to talk about how good you got me!" scenes.. they play it a little more realistically with it happening suddenly enough that they don't really get to react. Brutal >;)
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 04 07:02:23
*"but for [Marcus&Rochelle] to be involved"

I must be tired :D
And now I've triple-posted! If TPTB had been here to moderate in the last 3 years, he'd be *so* *angry*! ;D
the wanderer
Wed Dec 04 11:42:34
ending connection not seeming likely but they did all connect at the start (Esme's friend being a teacher of Ben & broken arm kid), so maybe next season it will be back to connecting stories at end :p

the neighbors having enough animosity to put their lives on the line attacking a fortified position seems a bit unlikely :p

the husband of dead woman would be possible but not sure how he'd convince others, especially when they already knew how to hire contract killers

i'll guess part of Esme's goal is to clear the records so the prisoner guy won't still be a wanted man... doesn't seem like she'd do anything that would affect future movies/shows (like revealing info to the world)

the wanderer
Wed Dec 11 01:24:55

S2.E9 Hail Mary

dumbest dialogue of the episode:

"you don't get to endanger my husband or the rest of us!"

said by the woman voluntarily standing on the lawn of the fortified house of their murder target on purge night...

my comments of prior post sorta played out :p, none of the mob too into it (despite risking easy death by just being there on purge night... plus standing around w/ no cover)

Marcus still not wanting to kill the guy who stabs his wife is annoying :p

'stories connecting' side-quest update:
they managed to get Ben & Marcus linked (& leave home) so two of the hurdles you mentioned accomplished... so still could happen!
Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 11 06:20:19
[Marcus to Michelle]: "Just promise me that no matter what happens that we won't turn into one of them"
Like, that you won't like it and start killing for sport on Purge Night?

@9 minutes
Oh.. that explains why the prisoners weren't purged immediately... And that makes sense.. they can make money off of prisoners instead of just executing them. That also explains why that judge (S2E2) hands out extreme punishments.. it's like places where judges get a cut of prison profits, so they try to send people to prison for longer.

@14 minutes
.. oh, lol.. Marcus meant no killing (his earlier promise).. What a bad idea :D

@21 minutes
"How did you get the keys?"
"We used to be cops"
I mean... handcuffs can all be opened by one generic key... I think that must have just been said for the sake of explaining to audiences..

@22 minutes
That death squad was pretty easy to dismantle. Good call! ("none of the mob too into it").

@33 minutes
[Marcus]: "You wanna purge me, purge me!"
[*pop pop pop pop pop pop*]

"said by the woman voluntarily standing on the lawn of the fortified house of their murder target on purge night..."

Lulz, yeah. Have these people even heard of Purge Night before? ;D
It's like the widower character managed to assemble a group of people who had never purged before and who didn't even hype themselves up beforehand.. except for college experimentation. That was funny at least — making purging seem equivalent to sexual experimentation in college in this universe.

"'stories connecting' ... still could happen!"

Woohoo! \:D/
Marcus&Co. with Ben heading to a triage place leaves Esme and Ryan&Co. left to connect. Triage should make it easy now; peeps just need to get injured and need help. Ryan's crew could take some hits when they fight the jackals.
That also brings things back to last season. Season 1 ended with Miguel and Penelope (the brother and sister) heading out to help people in trouble. This could be an easy way for the show to give them cameos. Maybe Miguel and Penelope could find an injured Esme and bring her to the triage center?

Oh, and I'm surprised that Ben didn't admit to having the original "God" mask when those replica peeps were surrounding him. That would have been an easy way to get Purge cred: "Hey, guys. Nice masks. This is the original. >:D" .. No telling if his friend will be able to catch up now. Also a bummer that Ben and his frat brother weren't able to start a frat tradition of purging weaker pledges ;)
the wanderer
Wed Dec 11 12:15:37
it was a little odd Ryan was tranquilized right behind everyone else & they didn't quickly notice it :p

seems like checking for everyone would be done frequently

i kept expecting the Aged Gambino to flip & kill everyone :p... Marcus already had suspected him once, then let him in the house at the last minute... seemed like a perfect setup for backstabbery
Cherub Cow
Thu Dec 12 06:15:04
"it was a little odd Ryan was tranquilized right behind everyone else & they didn't quickly notice it :p [/] seems like checking for everyone would be done frequently "

Yeah! Especially with a group that tight and especially with him being their leader. And he was apparently out long enough to have had a grave dug, which means that this rando rich person was able to drag his body away from the others and stay hidden for a significant amount of time... pretty... pretty improbable ;p

"seemed like a perfect setup for backstabbery"

I've been expecting more backstabbing, but the show seems to want to show a community rising up against Purge logic :/ .. that's why "The First Purge" movie was a bummer. Luckily the show has more stories than just theirs.
the wanderer
Tue Dec 17 23:07:34

====== S2.E10 7:01am ==========

a good thing that roadblock schoolbus was on fire :p

well, not at all what i expected...

I didn't think Esme would transmit anything that would theoretically affect the world

Ryan had quite the Jason Bourne moment :p but not sure why he'd expect them to let Esme live given exposing their corruption was why they were there... she managed to talk past 7am, but they could just claim she shot at them or something

Marcus really needs to get w/ the program (in -still- not killing)

Cherub Cow
Wed Dec 18 07:11:40
Ethan Hawke cameo!! Woohoo!! \:D/ He was in the original Purge movie :D
Hawke's line about that system being the same one that he uses to protect his family was probably supposed to be a jab at Hawke not totally protecting his family.. but his security was defeated with some pretty significant attacks.. so, it *was* pretty secure :p

Good chemistry with Marcus and Michelle there. Nice to see that after the possibility of her turning on him dissolved.

@14 minutes
Cool to see that the show can display a difference between how randos behave and how trained peeps behave. "The Hills Have Eyes 2" (2007) comes to mind for a case where that was *not* done, and it made it painful to watch.

@ending "It is a lie"
Fucking cool :D

"Ryan had quite the Jason Bourne moment :p"

Totes :D
They only sampled a little bit from John Wick with that double head shot part. The rest they kept fairly grounded in a Bourne "could maybe happen" kind of way. I like John Wick movies, but Bourne fighting would be more consistent with Purge realism.

"but not sure why he'd expect them to let Esme live given exposing their corruption was why they were there.."

Yeah... he may have just been holding onto some optimism. They even shot *him* after the Purge sirens, so maybe (only?) *then* he knew just how right Esme was about everything..

"Marcus really needs to get w/ the program (in -still- not killing)"

I thought that would be his Walking Dead Morgan moment where he would realize that in *some* cases some strategic killing makes sense. He wouldn't have to *enjoy* killing Ben.. but Ben was very clearly all-in and would kill more people if he had the chance.. seems like a no-brainer. Or maybe he should have locked Ben up like Alexandria locked up that Wolf; Ben could just need more time to be convinced ;)

Very cool season! Esme's ending was badass. I don't like the movement side of the Purge where they try to sell that it's just a way to further repress the poor and minorities, but I'm on board with the plot of exposing government lies and hypocrisies. They fleshed that out well. It's also not a total selling point to "prove" that Catharsis Theory (the idea behind Purge) doesn't work, since encouraging controlled violence has its own utility, but showing a government that *can't* control its violence makes for a good story.

Probably going to need/want to rewatch this episode :D
the wanderer
Sat Dec 21 22:05:18
so I was trying to guess what they do next

perhaps a show following Ben as he keeps on killing with people unable to figure it out...
which made me think of this Mad TV sketch (3 parts)

or maybe a Purge cartoon for kids...
Cherub Cow
Sun Dec 22 00:22:57
lol. That was awesome :D
Not sure how I haven't seen that one before :D

That seems pretty Ben-like. A huge non-Purge killing spree where he somehow evades detection would be hilarious. I'll start spamming the producer on Twitter ;D

A Purge cartoon would also work. Or a teen drama, just like that ultra-bad looking Walking Dead spinoff ;)
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