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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / The Walking Dead (Cont. 12)
Cherub Cow
Tue Sep 07 02:58:06
Thread 11 (Season 9 finale to S11E04):
Cherub Cow
Tue Sep 07 02:58:12
"I disagree with killing off the strong black guy... he was like the STR 18 Fighter of the party, more interesting than most of the riff raff"

Yeah :/
He was short-lived, so it wasn't an emotional loss, but he was clearly a warrior for the group. I think they were trying to show that some level of stealth and cunning make up important features for surviving the mercenaries/reapers (rather than brute strength and being a big target), but I'd rather he just be temporarily wounded and stationary like they did for Alden. I hope this wasn't a strategy of killing off the true alphas of their group because that again puts Negan in the line of fire.
the wanderer
Tue Sep 07 11:48:44
i think it was just a redshirts situation :p

presumably Ranger Daryl made it (i haven't seen ep4 yet), and Cleric Gabriel did... & Maggie & Negan
Cherub Cow
Mon Sep 13 06:34:54
"(i haven't seen ep4 yet)"

AMC's evil strategy is working!! They've already made a class divide between the advanced episodes and the timely episodes. Join the T0rr3nt revolution!! ;D

S11E05: "Out of the Ashes"

Nice episode!
This one got things back on track by developing multiple stories at once — much more fulfilling.

I liked Rosita's conversation with Judith.. lots of emotion there, courtesy of Carl's farewell to her. But it was also like that conversation from Léon:
[Mathilda]: "Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid?"
[Léon]: "Always like this."

[Judith]: "Does it get easier?"
[Rosita]: "I'd be lying if I said it did."

I think the writing could have been more metaphoric/quotable there, though. Rosita explained the concept of keeping people alive through shared culture (how Carl and Rick were a part of Rosita because of the experiences they shared), but there was no strong thesis moment where she said it in a way that Judith would remember.. which is kind of important, since the scene was about the importance of remembering. With the hand-print board, they could have also made a great metaphor there that would have paralleled the fallen Hilltop compound.. where physical memories (e.g., the board, the compound) will fade, the things we build represent tools in our becoming, but we become the living memories of the past.

Aaron's development was also nice, and it was good to see it happen quickly rather than costing him something over several episodes. Sometimes the show takes it for granted that people can catch themselves slipping pretty quickly. Sometimes it only takes one afternoon to realize that you've been unreasonable..

In the house scene, it looked like Negan was ready to apologize for Glenn. He's been trying to find out how to do it. In that scene, it looked like Maggie already saw him apologizing with his eyes, and she was responding to it with anger — like, she feels like he doesn't get to apologize, because she can't forgive him. I watched the stupid after-episode commentary hoping they'd at least talk about that exchange, but they talked about all the obvious stuff in the episode and didn't mention that exchange. It's probably because it's foreshadowing of Negan's apology (still to come), so they don't want to make it a spoiler.

They revealed that the Commonwealth is kind of a soft target. Yumiko's brother basically said that he hasn't dealt with conflict since pretty soon after the beginning.. which makes him kind of like Tara wandering out of that apartment and into the Governor's compound. They have a separate military crew, but it would clearly be a better idea for the Commonwealth to be training its citizens for emergencies instead of letting people pretend that the wild has been tamed. The next episode preview doesn't look like it has any Commonwealth developments, which is a bummer since it just got interesting. :p
the wanderer
Thu Sep 16 01:25:55
ok, I saw ep4... as soon as John Locke* showed up all I could think was how well his glasses holding up ~10 years into a zombie apocalypse :p... at least give us some tape

& yeah, killing that dude over suspicion of cowardice seemed odd as well as taking in Daryl so quick

*wasn’t actually John Locke

the wanderer
Thu Sep 16 01:48:20
they could’ve done the ‘make Daryl kill the other hostage guy’ thing

or tripped them up with the ole:
bad guy: “well, Daryl told us...(X).”
hostage: “oh right...(X)”
bad guy: “Daryl didn’t say shit”
the wanderer
Tue Sep 21 11:44:31
saw Ep5

i assume they'll find some way to make the commonwealth evil (all the stormtroopers hanging around obviously a little troubling :p)... but not sure it will make sense that it is evil

they have advanced flavor ice cream & donuts, all should move there & live happily ever after

i agree on being a good episode... no huge annoyances leapt out :p

although when they spot the zombies being herded, seems charging in blind an odd choice rather than trying to detect the living people... also pretty terrible hostage control
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