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Utopia Talk / Politics / Mod Thread
Thu Aug 28 20:53:30
You know the drill, see anything you want us to ignore, err.. take care of, post it here! That includes; spamming, flaming, trolling, etc.

This thread gets cleaned out a lot, so don't plan on having any long conversations here.

Cheers! (=



We will never delete stuff for the hell of it.

We will ONLY delete blatant SPAM, really horrible troll threads that die instantly and have a zero "LOL" value, accidental double posts, and posts that the author requests to be deleted will be deleted.

Please label ALL off topic threads as "OT" and if you post something naughty, please give a warning so those viewing at work won't all of a sudden be collecting unemployment checks.

The Mods will be open to requests made in the Mod Thread, depending on the circumstances.

The Mod Thread will be cleaned regularly. Don't start a discussion there or you may lose it.
Turtle Crawler
Sat Nov 16 00:37:47
Backup, minor out of disk space error
Wed Jan 15 11:51:45
Hey Turtle Crawler, you fucking Jew:

I dont mind you drowning us in ads to keep this sad shithole afloat, but it kind of becomes a hassle when the ads literally block the "Submit New Topic" button on Chrome.

Fix that shit already.
smart dude
Sun Jan 19 01:04:07
maybe TC's algorithms know which assholes to block posts from?
large member
Sun Jan 19 04:38:26
"ads literally block the "Submit New Topic" button on Chrome"

Feature, not bug.
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