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Utopia Talk / Politics / Child molester walks free
Sun Feb 22 23:07:13


A SUPREME Court judge has allowed a prominent Territory sportsman who groped his eight-year-old stepdaughter in front of his own sons to go free.

Friends of the girl's father now want the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal.

One of the friends said: "This is outrageous. This bloke should have gone to prison."

He said the victim - who was forced to give evidence because the man pleaded not guilty - was confused that her attacker had escaped with a two-year suspended jail sentence. The maximum penalty was 14 years.

The friend said the father - who separated from the girl's mother several years ago and has had children with his second wife - was shocked when his daughter told him about the abuse and had wanted to rush to the man's house and kill him.

"I talked him out of it - I told him he had to stay out of prison himself for the sake of his kids.

"So he went to the police instead."

The man's wife was in court when Justice Angel sentenced him eight days ago and said she would stand by him despite him having twice indecently dealt with her daughter. The couple have two children together.

Both offences took place at the family home in July last year while the mother was at work, the Supreme Court trial heard.

The unemployed man took the girl's hand and placed it on his bare penis "asking her to play with it", Justice Angel said in his sentencing remarks.

A day or two later, the man gave the girl a French kiss and put his hand up her dress and rubbed her near her vagina.

The man's children were in the room on both occasions.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, told the girl not to tell her mother because it would make her jealous.

He also told her the abuse was a "secret" between the two of them.

Justice Angel said the assaults were a "gross breach of trust" - but were "uncharacteristic" and did not think there was a risk the man would commit a similar offence again.

The judge urged the man to find a job - "rather than stay home all the time with your children".

Justice Angel did not order that the man not see the girl again. But the Northern Territory News understands she has gone to live with her father.
Sun Feb 22 23:09:51
"Justice Angel said .... "

That's the problem right there.
Sun Feb 22 23:10:01
Send him to Louisiana for mandatory chemical castration.
Sun Feb 22 23:11:34
>>"Justice Angel said .... "

That's the problem right there. <<

If you meant what I think you meant, that's actually pretty fucking funny.
Sun Feb 22 23:12:56
dont even get me started.

the amount of cases of guys who touch up / or diddle little girls, and get away with it, but if you dare to look at a picture on the internet, and you go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
Sun Feb 22 23:14:16
what are u doing watching child porn juztav?
Sun Feb 22 23:16:59
oddly, there are no other news media that cover this...
Sun Feb 22 23:22:52
`"Justice Angel said .... "

That's the problem right there.`

Leah Horchler
Sun Feb 22 23:31:16
epic lulz
Mon Feb 23 04:36:45
Damn, beaten to the punch. At least we're all on the same page; except for Justice Angel that is.
Mon Feb 23 04:38:41
Master Bates
Mon Feb 23 06:28:08
rofl, how the hell else would someone called Angel rule?
river of blood
Mon Feb 23 07:01:34
The second I read that name.......

river of blood
Mon Feb 23 07:02:07
Anyway.....they should hold this guy's dick and cut his entire body off.
Mon Feb 23 08:21:19
LOL @ Justice Angel
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 08:23:25

So you people still think child molesting is something to joke about.

Why am I not surprised.

Mon Feb 23 08:25:31
Rod, you gotta admit this was funny.
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 08:30:35

Coincidental yes, bizarre perhaps, funny no. Absolutely *NOT*.

There is nothing funny and there will never be *anything* funny about a child being molested.

If you think there is then you are one sick son of a bitch.

river of blood
Mon Feb 23 08:39:59
Anything can be funny, hot rod. Example: Rape

Porky Pig raping Daffy Duck.

Anyway, I think the pedo doth protests too much.
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 08:47:01

RoB, Of course *YOU* would think cartoon rape is funny. You are a degenerate.

Mon Feb 23 08:53:08
"There is nothing funny and there will never be *anything* funny about a child being molested. "

I doubt anyone from this thread is laughing about a child being molested or find it funny.

I'll give you a hint, it is about something else.
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 08:57:25

I know what it is about fool.

It is still related to child molesting and anyone who thinks it is "funny" is a deviate son of a bitch.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

alcoholic water
Mon Feb 23 09:01:40
The shoe fits you, Justice Angel.
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 09:03:25

Care to post your proof?

Or even your real tag?

Dick head.

Mon Feb 23 09:06:31
I admit, I laughed when I read Justice Angel. I am still pissed that a child molester was given a suspended sentence and is STILL left alone with his two children. Not to mention his retarded wife who stands by a man unemployed for two years who molests her daughter. WTF?
river of blood
Mon Feb 23 09:08:25
"RoB, Of course *YOU* would think cartoon rape is funny. You are a degenerate."

You're right, HR, I shouldn't cheapen the love porky pig and daffy duck have for each other.
Hot Rod
Mon Feb 23 09:23:06

You know what gets me.

You people get so much joy out of your snide little remarks about Lil Davey, the crawlspace and your other tired old pedo 'jokes.'

I bet you honestly think you are performing some kind of social service by riding me even after eight years when you have to know that crap means nothing to me anymore. I know I am not what you claim I am, what is sad is you people really think I am that.

But, I don't care what you think about me.

What I do care about is your thinking that such a serious subject is grist for the humor mill.

It is not.

There is nothing funny in any way, shape or form about child molesting and for those of you that think there is, you are the ones who are the sick pedophiles.

It is like who is worse, the one who takes child porn pictures or the one who enjoys it?

Well who is worse, the one who molests children or the one who laughs about it.

Well you people keep making your 'jokes' about me, I don't care.

Just bear in mind that every time you do you prove to Hot Rod that he is right about you. That you are a degenerate, despicable son of a bitch.

BTW, there is another little girl missing down in Florida.

Do you have any "good jokes" about her?

Mon Feb 23 13:14:53
"Justice Angel"

Mon Feb 23 14:23:45
"Justice Angel"

Stopped right there.
Mon Feb 23 15:26:37
"Well you people keep making your 'jokes' about me, I don't care"

I thought the jokes weren't about you?
Mon Feb 23 17:40:12
They aren't about him, they're about Justice Angel.

And of course anything can be funny as long as it's delivered the right way.

For example:
How many Jews fit in a BMW?
Sun Feb 05 00:39:37
late person bird differ list class fine ?
Tue Jun 28 17:58:48
Hot Rod laying down the HEAT
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