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Utopia Talk / Politics / OT Do Cats Have THC Receptors?
Tue Nov 17 11:47:31

Ive been really careful to smoke out the window in the kitchen where the cat usually doesnt go or out on the balcony, because I dont think its fair to get an animal stoned.
Ive read lots of stories who say their cats love it, but Im wary of that. Anyway, its getting colder now, so Ive been inching my way further and further into the warmth when I smoke and she doesnt seem to be reacting to some smoke. Anyone know anything about this?
Tue Nov 17 11:48:22
Your fuckin' up the rotation.
Tue Nov 17 11:48:40
Tue Nov 17 11:57:03
I don't know about cats but I sure as hell don't get high simply when people around me are smoking.
Tue Nov 17 11:59:10
Anyone decipher this?


The CB1 subtype of the cannabinoid receptor is present on neurons in the brain and mediates the perceptual effects of Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids. We found that cat cerebral arterial smooth muscle cells (VSMC) contain the protein for the CB1 receptor and express a cDNA that has >98% amino acid homology to the CB1 cDNA expressed in rat and human neurons.

Activation of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor has been shown to decrease the opening of N-type voltage-gated Ca2+ channels in neurons through a pertussis toxin-sensitive GTP-binding protein. In the present study we tested the hypothesis that activation of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor in cerebral VSMC inhibits voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and results in cerebral vasodilation.

The predominant Ca2+ current identified in cat cerebral VSMC is a voltage-gated, dihydropyridine-sensitive, L-type Ca2+ current. The cannabimimetic drug WIN-55,212-2 (10-100 nM) induced concentration-dependent inhibition of peak L-type Ca2+ current, which reached a maximum of 82 ± 4% at 100 nM (n = 14).

This effect was mimicked by the putative endogenous CB1-receptor agonist anandamide, which produced a concentration-related reduction of peak L-type Ca2+ current with a maximum inhibition (at 300 nM) of 39 ± 4% (n = 12).

The inhibitory effects of both ligands on peak L-type Ca2+ currents were abolished by pertussis toxin pretreatment and application of the CB1-receptor antagonist SR-141716A (100 nM, n = 5). Both WIN-55,212-2 and anandamide produced concentration-dependent relaxation of preconstricted cerebral arterial segments that was abolished by SR-141716A.

These results indicate that the CB1 receptor is expressed in cat cerebral VSMC and that the cerebral vasculature is one of the targets for endogenous cannabinoids. These findings suggest that the CB1 receptor and its endogenous ligand may play a fundamental role in the regulation of cerebral arterial tone and reactivity by modulating the influx of Ca2+ through L-type Ca2+ channels.


Identification of cannabinoid CB1 receptor mRNA in cat cerebral VSMC. To determine whether cat cerebral VSMC express CB1 mRNA, we amplified cDNA encoding the CB1 receptor with the use of RT-PCR with oligonucleotide primers derived from the published sequence of rat CB1 (see RT, cloning, and sequencing) (26).

The sequence of the amplified and cloned product showed >98% homology to the rat (26) and human (12) CB1 cannabinoid receptor (Fig. 1A). This finding provides evidence for the expression of the CB1 cannabinoid receptor mRNA in cat cerebral VSMC (GenBank accession no. U94342).

The existence of the protein for the CB1 receptor in cerebral VSMC and the brain cortex was determined by Western blot analysis. Results of the Western immunoblot studies (Fig. 1B) revealed the expression of an immunoreactive band with an apparent molecular mass of 56 kDa in VSMC lysate and brain cortex microsomes obtained from cats or rats when probed with a polyclonal anti-rat CB1(1-77) antibody raised in rabbits.

An additional band with a molecular mass of 61 kDa was also detected in the cat VSMC lysate. This 61-kDa band was not detected in either the VSMC lysate or cortical microsomes of the rat. It is possible that the CB1 receptor of cat cerebral VSMC has a different pattern of glycosylation and, therefore, a different molecular mass.

It is likely that the 56-kDa protein is the nonglycosylated receptor. These results indicate that the protein for the CB1 receptor is expressed in cerebral arterial muscle cells and the cerebral cortex of the cat and rat.


Tue Nov 17 12:06:51
As long as you're not actively trying to get your cat stoned, you should be fine.
Tue Nov 17 14:02:32
And yes cats will get high and they can not break down THC the same way we can, so if they get high, they will be high for days, which is not a good thing for the cat.
Cloud Strife
Tue Nov 17 14:03:56
Or maybe it's a very good thing.
Tue Nov 17 14:08:54
Well depending on how you look at it, but it just is not healthy for any living creature to be intoxicated for such a long continuous period of time.
Tue Nov 17 15:33:01
carbonated water
Tue Nov 17 18:33:14
that dood looks like the kid from home alone
Fri Nov 20 08:32:16
My dog, Ari, got agressive towards humans when he got stoneed.

We had to shot him because of that!
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Nov 20 08:51:04
I've seen cats get stoned. THC is also the active ingredient in cat nip
Fri Nov 20 08:56:31
Member Fri Nov 20 08:32:16
My dog, Ari, got agressive towards humans when he got stoneed.

Throwing stones at a dog will make most of them aggressive.

Just ask Poison.
Fri Nov 20 10:03:42
I've understood that cats are really susceptible to any psychogenic drug. They got many more sensory receptors then we do.
Fri Nov 20 10:10:50
So first you gave your dog mind altering substances and then you shot him?

Fri Nov 20 10:20:08
"So first you gave your dog mind altering substances and then you shot him?"

be fair, charper. maybe the dog was part of the Royal family? the Red Revolution has a price, you know.
Fri Nov 20 10:30:41

Well, Im smoking right now. Sitting in the sofa and shes playing within 2 yards of me. Got the balcony door open though. Ive been doing this the last couple of days and she doesnt seem to be reacting at all.
Fri Nov 20 12:09:43
I used to smoke with my cats in the same room. No big deal. Never saw any sort of non-typical behavior from them.

I did punch a kid in the mouth and throw him out of my house for blowing smoke in my cats face, though. That's just fucked up.
Fri Nov 20 12:18:23
Good job.

New Member
Sat Feb 27 22:21:45
The action taken to local and national disasters is noble but it's a real shame that so many people take advantage of the sad situations.

I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill - there's always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys "angels" got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!
Sat Feb 27 22:24:59
give him catnip brah.
Sun Feb 28 01:00:37
I have one cat that loves it, if I have weed on my table he eats it (really pissed me off one night) and if blow smoke at him starts purring and rolling over and lapping at the air

Also, not all but some cats LOVE valerian root, I mean they go absolutley nutz over the shit they roll in it eat bat teh bottle around and meow until you give them some like junkies or something
Clitoral Hood
The Bloody Scourge
Sun Feb 28 02:13:21
the real issue here is that you people are allowing cats to live. shame.
Sun Feb 28 04:41:35
Cthulhu, if catnip had THC in it, it would be illegal.

catnip is in the mint family.
Sun Feb 28 06:11:00
Lapping at the air sounds like shes having trouble breathing. I wont be trying that thanks.
Tentacle Rapist
Sun Feb 28 06:20:33
I'll be dammed, the ingredient in catnip is Nepetalactone. It appears to affect cats in the exact same way as THC though.
Sun Feb 28 06:22:16
catnip has no effect on my cat. Also, IIRC, mint, nettles and cannabis are all related.

Sun Feb 28 06:46:55
Cats have THC receptors, but that doesn't mean they react to it in the same way.
Sun Feb 28 10:33:03
Force feed your cat a quart of Jack Daniels before you smoke. Then if he gets stoned he'll never know it.
carbonated water
Sun Feb 28 11:09:39
Tentacle Rapist Fri Nov 20 08:51:04
I've seen cats get stoned. THC is also the active ingredient in cat nip


*blazes up the catnip*
The Childlen
Sun Feb 28 11:30:21

This thlead maka me hungly


Sun Feb 28 11:32:58
Can someone add some catnip to that charity food list for TC?

Tue Mar 16 16:30:59
Can someone add some cat to that charity food list for TC?
Tue Mar 16 18:09:41

The list is now:

- Cat
New Member
Wed Mar 17 23:14:04
Hello Everybody

Discussion about the earths temperature increase - or global warming are generally too scientific to participate in - but, earthquakes and mass death cannot be another disregarded statistic. Hundreds of thousads are dead and homeless

<b>Please offer financial or volunteer assistance to Chile & Haiti</b>
New Member
Fri Mar 26 22:40:12
Need travel advice?
Love romantic quiet weekends..
Tahiti was our first choice,!

Does this make sense?

Have a good thaw.
New Member
Sat Mar 27 11:57:01
New Member
Sat Mar 27 15:18:36
Thu Apr 01 08:01:36

This morning I received a call from 972-284-0600 and was pretty sure the caller was a scammer.

So I complained and contacted the the company (Gulf Coast Western) and went nuts.

Make a long story short Gulf Coast Western -the oil company- contacted me We're contacting me about employment. Apparently I got the job

How can I fix this?!!!
New Member
Mon Apr 05 07:09:07
BAGHDAD ? Suicide attackers detonated three wheels bombs in immediate series nigh foreign embassies in Baghdad on Sunday, manslaughter more than 40 people in coordinated strikes that Iraqi officials said were intended to shake up efforts to form a new government.

The bombings followed the execution-style killings of 24 villagers in a Sunni size two days earlier, a spike in ferocity that suggests insurgents are seizing on the political uncertainty after the latest poll to try to destabilize the native land as U.S. troops adapt to leave. No clear victor emerged from the Strut 7 vote.

Sunday's explosions went off within minutes of each other, starting soon after 11 a.m. One struck near the Iranian Embassy and two others cudgel an area that houses diverse courteous missions, including the Egyptian Consulate and the German and Spanish embassies. It was not at the drop of a hat known whether courteous wand were centre of the victims.

Authorities said they foiled two other attacks aimed at diplomatic targets by stopping the would-be bombers' vehicles and defusing the explosives.
New Member
Fri Apr 16 11:58:36

This morning I got a phone call from 9722840600 Or 972-284-0600 and was convinced the the person calling was a scammer.

Guess it was a bad case of the "Mondays" - cause I went nuts - and called government and yell.

Anyway, I feel like such a fool Gulf Coast Western -an Oil drilling corporation- was trying to make contact We're contacting me about employment. Apparently I got the job

How do I fix the complaints?!!
New Member
Sat Apr 24 16:37:00
You can call me Linnaeus J. Jewett.
I'm thankfulto be a new member of this forum. I'm Grateful for welcoming me.
New Member
Sat Apr 24 16:42:22
My name is Walter L. Kmic.
I'm looking forward to new member of this group. Thanks for welcoming me.
New Member
Wed Sep 15 04:28:00
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zombie jesus
Thu Sep 13 15:31:07
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