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Utopia Talk / Politics / 5 Stages Of Hot Rod
The UP Guide
Tue Sep 21 11:03:06
Presented by the American Psychology of Utopia Politics

May be used for Utopiaforums

FIRST STAGE: Dialogue - In the Dialogue Stage, Hot Rod presents an article, theory, or an opinion for discussion. At first it may appear genuine but be aware of the ulterior meaning. It is not as it appears. Especially in regards of it being an opinion. Hot Rod's characteristics when he presents an opinion are indeed an undeniable fact. Keep this in mind as this may save you in the future.
STAGE TWO: Confrontation - In the Confrontational Stage, you may find yourself questioning the integrity of the composition. It is okay, this is natural for people to be curious and peculiar about such findings. Though with Hot Rod you need to be quite particular and ready to defend your comments, you may interject a fact that dismisses his notions, but beware he will interject and insist that his opinion is fact. Or that you are some kind of liberal incapable understanding the real world. Warning: You may go into uncontrollable laughter.
STAGE THREE: Incorrigibility - In the Incorrigibility Stage, this is the most dangerous, tedious, and annoying stage of The Five Stages of Hot Rod. The reason for that is because you have already countered his arguments with rational thought and logical reasoning. This will not dissuade Hot Rod however as he will maintained that he has been correct through the duration of the discussion. You will present facts, studies, charts, testimonies, a signed contracts, and reports that will vehemently destroy his arguments, but to no avail. Hot Rod will persist and insist that he is right and you are wrong. He will present his 'Biblical Nomenclature' FOX NEWS as final say of the argument and at this time you must curb your approach or forgo all facts that you present and humbly abstain. Warning: You may go into the urge of uncontrollable flaming.
STAGE FOUR: Victimization/Martyrdom - This is actually a two-term stage. In the Victim/Martyr stage Hot Rod will portray himself as the victim being ostracized for his views because of past and present prejudices. This stems from you repetitiously destroying his arguments and this is where he is beaten into submission because he will realize that he has been incorrect. Do not let this fool you. This is only a ruse for the next term. He will then present himself as a martyr for all others who agree or think alike as he, though there are few who do. He will insist that he was only speaking for those who cannot stand up for themselves as he is doing them a favor. Even though not in so many words he will concede to an extent, he was only behaving the way he was because there are those who cannot stand up to the 'liberal gangs' of UP.
STAGE FIVE: Superficial Retreat - This is the final stage in The Five Stages of Hot Rod. This is rather a simple but at the same time tedious stage. What you should expect after his 'concession'; concession being that he claims that he has to leave, quits reading your posts because it does have a valid point, or simply quits responding in the thread, he will bid you a farewell thinking that he has made his point and you should only accept it and move on. But you will find yourself making another point that again will dismiss his notion and this will only bug him as he will return to make "one final comment" that should be the end-game. This may leave you bewildered but satisfied that it is over to an extent as you realize that you will not have to encounter him again for a time.

Sam Adams
Tue Sep 21 11:05:43
you forgot dead hot rod and zombie hot rod
The UP Guide
Tue Sep 21 11:10:56
Has a lot changed with Hot Rod since The 5 Stages of Hot Rod was published so long ago? Indeed they have. This is a new code for those to understand on how to deal with Hot Rod. Only select few people in our glorious history of existence have risen back from the dead to make such an impact; Jesus, Jason Voorhees, Mickey Rourke, and the list continues. But since the return of Hot Rod in his current incarnation; The Guardian what should you expect when debate him.

STAGE 1 : Dialogue: Forget this concept as it does not exist with Hot Rod Incarnate, The Guardian. If you attempt such a futile approach you will be disappointed, not so much about being able to have any such discussion with him, but the sheer audacity that he really doesnâ??t have anything to say. Unless it is to blame the current administration.

STAGE 2: Confrontation: Ah yes! We all know that posters will challenge Hot Rod Incarnate, The Guardian. Will you challenge him with facts, insults, a greeting? Whatever approach you take just remember, it will be Obamaâ??s fault. That is it, nothing else, nothing to see here, head on to stage 3.

STAGE 3: Incorrigibility: You may have corrected, presented facts, destroyed arguments of Hot Rod Incarnate, The Guardian numerous times during your parlez. But try to remember this; it doesnâ??t matter. He will turn it around on you or at least attempt to do so saying that you have no understanding of the subjectâ??s repercussion even if he doesnâ??t understand the subject himself. He will resort saying that you are wrong because you do not have the foresight to see the consequences.

For example:

Argument: Where'd you get the coconuts?
We found them.

Found them? In Mercia? The coconut's tropical!

What do you mean?

Well, this is a temperate zone.

The swallow may fly south with the sun or the house martin or the plover may seek warmer climes in winter, yet these are not strangers to our land?

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

Not at all. They could be carried.

What? A swallow carrying a coconut?

It could grip it by the husk!

It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a
simple question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut.

Well, it doesn't matter. Will you go and tell your master that Arthur from the Court of Camelot is here?

Listen. In order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings forty-three times every second, right?


Am I right?

I'm not interested!

��.Indeed. Ahem!

STAGE 4: Iâ??m NOT A REPUBLICAN! But you are a pedophile.

STAGE 5: Superficial Retreat: Old dogs canâ??t learn new tricks. In this final stage that is the signature move of Hot Rod Incarnate, The Guardian. He will guise his retreat. Oh, do not worry! He will come back but only in a form to again blame Obama. But take pride in this as it is his way of conceding that he has been defeated on every account.
Tue Sep 21 11:18:38
The only stage of hotrod I care to remember is the one that fakes his own death in an effort to spite the few flamers, without care or regard to the rest of the community who felt really bad for him.
Sam Adams
Tue Sep 21 11:21:08
no one felt really bad for him except for the gullible
Tue Sep 21 11:22:06
Once again, a triumph!
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Tue Sep 21 11:58:02
Rods being doing his semantic shizz a lot lately it might be a new phase
Dickhead UPer
Tue Sep 21 12:21:23
Monty Python, FTW. LOL
Tue Sep 21 13:00:18
"no one felt really bad for him except for the gullible "

Nimatzo cried over his "death".
Tue Sep 21 16:23:32
I felt bad too, but upon his return I realized his sociopathic tendencies, which of course made his genocidal post about wanting to kill 800 million Muslims not all that shocking.
Tue Sep 21 18:13:21
I also felt bad, and having not had many exchanges with him before we saw The Guardian surface, I didn't think he could sink so low as to fake his death.
the archivist
Wed Sep 22 11:50:52
it seems noone remembers that hot rod also lied for years about his other tags. The guardian-gate was just yet one more lie about who his identity
Wed Sep 22 18:14:57
I called his BS from the start, because Hot Rod has always been a shameless liar.
Milton Bradley
Wed Sep 22 19:45:41
He is probably the worst piece of shit to ever post at UP. TC and addy tried to rival him but they never were anything like as dishonest as hotrod
Cloud Strife
Thu Sep 23 10:10:41
Let's count!

John Paul Jones
Hot Rod
The Guardian
Hot Rod again.

Am I missing something?
Thu Sep 23 10:11:48
Adolf Hitler
Thu Sep 23 10:12:25
Thu Sep 23 10:13:04
Amadeus is not hot rod
Memory Lane
Sun May 26 20:50:29
Memory Lane
Thu Oct 06 05:35:43
Memory Lane
Sun Dec 03 11:31:01
I remember.
Sun Dec 03 16:18:22
lol classic.
Memory Lane
Thu Dec 14 09:23:53
I remember
Memory Lane
Wed Sep 26 08:15:14
Never forget
Wed Sep 26 14:17:30
Wed Sep 26 14:28:08
Duuuuuur I duuuur can't duuur accept jokes duuuuuurrrr
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