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Utopia Talk / Politics / Biggest irony of Star Wars under Disney
Mon Dec 19 00:34:31

When Episode 1 came out, we all bemoaned the fact that Lucas was clearly trying to turn Star Wars into a Disney cartoon.

Now Disney takes over, and we get classic gritty Star Wars. Confirmed for a 2nd time. Yay!

Not a single Bothan died to bring the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance. This is not a spoiler. Not a single Bothan dies. And this does not violate canon.

Forest Whitaker was pretty clearly thrown in just so he could be used in the trailers. That's my #1 gripe. It feels like they needed a character fulfilling this role, and that character needed to be a big deal, but they didn't want to pay a lot to the actor, so they figured out a way to minimize billable hours for the actor (or however actor comp works) while making the character as big a deal as possible.

New movie is pretty great, btw.
Mon Dec 19 00:36:26
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