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Sam Adams
Tue Nov 28 16:45:37
A road mobile booster with global range?

Ohhh thats nice. Good job trump and obama.
Sam Adams
Tue Nov 28 16:49:27
What are the odds that russia sold em that tech?
Tue Nov 28 17:08:06
Or china. Or the Norks just stole it from them. Its basically the Chinese DF-31.

Either way, we need to seriously stop taking South Korea into consideration now that are explicitly threatening the US. Besides the amount of damage the Norks could do to Seoul is seriously overblown. They don't have many of the long range guns necessary for bombardment, which would mean these guns could not be used for stopping say, an invasion by military troops. Their short range tubes which they have more of, cannot reach the city center except from a very small peninsula, and that would involve packing them in, and making them really easily destroyed.

Yes, people will die, probably thousands, but nowhere near the hundreds of thousands people assume. We really have diminishing options here.

Tue Nov 28 21:07:55
Is there any payoff of burning down North Korea vs mutually assured destruction? Just tell them that if they EVER use a nuke they will have 500 of them raining down with the world's blessing.

Is there a real threat of them using a nuke on someone first strike?
Tue Nov 28 21:11:41
They are very good at plausible deniability. The fear is that they will put it on a shipping container and sail it into Tokyo, or San Francisco.
Tue Nov 28 21:12:20
More broadly though, by holding a nuclear deterrent against the USA, they could conceivably begin conducting provocations on the DMZ and in the region, and hold the threat of nuclear attack if the US decided to respond.
Tue Nov 28 21:15:32
Seoul is the economic center of South Korea though and home to half the population. Even if only thousands died, that means tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of casualties and economic paralysis in one of the most important economic centers of the world.

But any action is irrelevant anyways without Chinese support. The Chinese want to have their cake and eat it too by having a client state on their border while also trying to make sure they don't fuck up the global economy. The US, were it run by someone actually competent in the White House or the State Department, should leverage the fact that China will be damaged in order to get Chinese concessions.

But the lights are on and there's nobody home. I bet better than even odds Trump tries to wag the dog by (inadvertently or not starting a conflict on the Korean peninsula).
Tue Nov 28 21:19:32
Rofl, what a stupid statement. "I bet trump accidently starts or purposely starts a war".

You are fucking stupid.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Nov 29 00:33:30

They rebuilt before and I have no doubt SK can do it again.

Does anyone know if the US Troops are still living out of their duffle bags?

Back in the 60's I served with a guy that had just finished a tour there.

He said they had their backpacks ready to go and all of their day to day needs were all kept in their duffles.

I doubt if it still like that unless they have gone back to it in the last year.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Nov 29 00:35:54

With three Carrier Taskforces there they can do around the clock operations and I have no doubt that all of our allies in the area are all on the same page.

Wed Nov 29 00:56:34

Trump keeps running his mouth and doing nothing about the threat.
Wed Nov 29 01:02:55
Maybe he's waiting for some nukes to drop on LA, SF, Portland, and Seattle.

Then, crater the entirety of NK.

Lots of problems solved in 12 hours.
large member
Wed Nov 29 03:38:12
What part of deterrent don't you understand?

12.5 by 2020. Yay!
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