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Utopia Talk / Politics / FCC faked support
Wed Nov 29 19:00:35
I am sure those who are aware about net neutrality and the FCC that is being ran by Mr. Ajit Pai is doing everything he can to deregulate.

He is so desperate to get rid of it that he had to fake most of the 21.7 million comments in "support" for the ending of net neutrality.

In fact there has been overwhelming support for net neutrality and to keep it in play.

Trumpicans are too stupid to understand what it is and apparently the fake lawyer we have on our midst on the forums doesn't understand it either.

Wed Nov 29 19:25:15
Are you suggesting that there is evidence that Pai was in cahoots with people who submitted fake anti-nn comments? Or just that some 90%+ of the comments were form letters or bot spam? If it's the latter, it's been known for months. If it's the former, source please.
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Dec 04 13:05:14
Fuck I hope they keep it in place. Probably they will destroy the internet for the sake of the all mighty dollar and the divine bottom line though
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