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Utopia Talk / Politics / Dems flipping on conyers
Thu Nov 30 12:11:30
Great drama, pelosi and now clyburn say he needs to resign, but Conyers says he aint. Lovely.
Thu Nov 30 12:26:48
Did more information come out?
Thu Nov 30 12:42:11
Pelosi said a few weeks ago that due process should happen. Apparently it has and she now thinks COnyers should go.

Obaminated could care less about sexual harassment as long as it's a dem. That way all the dumb Alabama republicans will assign a false equivalency and elect a Pedophile to the Senate.

Obaminated is a fucking scumbag through and through.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Nov 30 12:55:05

hood, yesterday Pelosi defended him and called him an ICON.

Thu Nov 30 12:56:21
Yes, clyburn said it was all white women and implied they were lying. Then a woman of color came out and said conyers harassed her.
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