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Anarchist Prime
Thu Nov 30 14:14:19
November 30, 2017 11:26 am Updated: November 30, 2017 1:29 pm

Alberta MLA says marijuana legalization could lead to communist revolution

By Slav Kornik
Web Producer Global News

An Alberta MLA has drawn parallels between the legalization of marijuana in Canada and the communist revolution in China.

In the Alberta legislature on Wednesday, United Conservative Party (UCP) culture and tourism critic Ron Orr suggested marijuana legalization could lead to human tragedy similar to the one suffered in China during the communist revolution.

“It wasn’t until the 1950s that China began to seriously eradicate the opium trade, the opium business, the opium tax revenue and all of these wonderful things that are supposed to be generated from recreational use of drugs,” Orr said.

“They actually got so serious about it, their whole society was so broken down and debilitated by it, that it contributed to the Chinese cultural revolution under the communists, the execution of thousands of people, dealers were executed, fields were plowed under and planted with real food, and I, for one, am not really willing to go down this road.

“The human tragedy of what’s going to happen with this has yet to be revealed.”

Tentacle Rapist
Thu Nov 30 15:44:01
Do you mean to say I should care what the extreme right elements within UCP have to say? These are same morons who think it's impossible for a woman to learn math.
Thu Nov 30 17:42:58
I am really enjoying medical pot these days, the stuff is just great. Best sleep ever too, on that stuff. Fuck that alberta moron. It is going to be awesome when feds legalise it next summer. Although practically speaking, I am not likely to see much difference, medical pot is readily available
smart dude
Thu Nov 30 18:39:14
"These are same morons who think it's impossible for a woman to learn math."

I don't see the issue here.
Thu Nov 30 18:53:23
Women can't know math. And that's true because gender is a social construct separate from biological sex, which is itself a social construct because not all 'men' and not all 'women' can reproduce.

Thus, recognizing all this, it's clear that 'biological females' who self identify as women are in fact misidebtifying due to cultural influence and societal pressures that impose the idea of Idk, biological womanhood?, as the norm and only acceptable option available to 'biological females'. After all, you never hear about female to male transgendered people... The focus is always on the opposite.

So anyways, I assert that all mathematically inclined woman are in fact misidentifying/misidentified as women. They are in fact men, or maybe zebras, or pandas, who knows. But not women.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Nov 30 19:17:28

pillz, have you ever heard of a book called 'Hidden Figures' by Margot Lee Shetterly?

This is what it is about:

"The uplifting, amazing true story—a New York Times bestseller

This edition of Margot Lee Shetterly’s acclaimed book is perfect for young readers. It is the powerful story of four *****African-American female mathematicians at NASA***** who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in our space program. Now a major motion picture starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst, and Kevin Costner.

Before John Glenn orbited the earth, or Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of dedicated female mathematicians known as “human computers” used pencils, slide rules, and adding machines to calculate the numbers that would launch rockets, and astronauts, into space.

This book brings to life the stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden, who lived through the Civil Rights era, the Space Race, the Cold War, and the movement for gender equality, and whose work forever changed the face of NASA and the country."

Emphasis mine.

You might want to check it out when you get a chance.

Sun Dec 03 14:09:40
NJ will legalize weed too.
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Dec 04 12:56:07
Well, I could go on a rant as to the numerous lies and downright theft that the conservatives in Alberta freely engaged in for decades, but why bother? In Canada, no matter who wins, the people lose.
Tentacle Rapist
Mon Dec 04 12:59:37
Also, the framework is going to cause problems. Supposedly, people can just use it anywhere where they can legally smoke cigarettes. I expect either a major court battle to restrict where it can be used, or a major court battle to allow alcohol to be used anywhere pot can be.

It'll be funny when downtown Calgary is a constant haze of weed smoke though. Maybe 2nd hand exposure will reduce my expenditure from buying it.
Mon Dec 04 13:03:25
Naturally, people can't show any self-restraint and tact, and give social conservatives a leg to stand on.
Mon Dec 04 13:13:32
"Supposedly, people can just use it anywhere where they can legally smoke cigarettes. I expect either a major court battle to restrict where it can be used, or a major court battle to allow alcohol to be used anywhere pot can be. "

In Ontario, the proposed rules seem to be same for alcohol, tobacco and weed

Under the proposed rules, you would:

only be permitted to use recreational cannabis in a private residence
not be allowed to use recreational cannabis in:
any public place
motorized vehicles
People who are authorized to have and use medical cannabis would be subject to the same rules as tobacco smoking and electronic cigarette use.

Medical users would not be allowed to smoke or vape medical cannabis in enclosed workplaces, enclosed public places, motor vehicles and other smoke-free places.
Mon Dec 04 17:49:15
Why should it be outlawed in public?

Alcohol is prohibited in public because of its effects. Cannabis doesn't make you stumble around or piss everywhere or whatever.

Ontario's proposed laws are bullshit for that reason, seeing has how theyre also sure to amend rental laws to allow 'No Cannabis' clauses in leases, and this will definitely include condo agreements.

Like 40% of Ontario will be allowed to smoke pot legally in their own homes, the other 60% (mostly the actual weed smokers in the province) will not be able to smoke anywhere.

Should be allowed to smoke in public, and grow plants. Quebec will allow smoking but disallow plants.

Alberta has the best proposal so far though, allowing both, and private sales of cannabis. Because the NDP and Liberals want to unentrench the social conservatives by welcoming potheads, I assume.
Mon Dec 04 17:51:13
Also, I dont think any province has as of yet allowed Cannabis Lounges?

That is retarded. Ontario has strictly outlawed them, which is odd, they have several operating now.

In Quebec the 'anywhere tobacco is smoked' allows the possibility of Cannabis smoking in Shisha/Cigar lounges, but its impossible to get a permit for Tobacco any longer. If they were smart theyd issue Cannabis permits for that purpose beginning July.
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