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Sun Dec 31 08:41:14
No pussygrabbing allowed!


'Safety zone' for women in Berlin during New Year festivities

German police chiefs plan extra New Year’s Eve safeguards, two years after women were molested in Cologne. But a police trade union leader said a mooted "women's safety area" in Berlin sent a "disastrous message."

Rainer Wendt, the head of Germany's second-largest police officers' union, said a women's zone planned for the area around Berlin's Brandenburg Gate sent a "disastrous message."

"With this message, you're saying that there are safe and unsafe zones," Wendt told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper's Saturday edition. He said that this, if true, would amount to "the end of equality, freedom of movement and self-determination."

"Whoever came up with that idea has not understood the political dimension," said Wendt of the German DPoIG police trade union.

Women had a right to be safe everywhere, he said.

Berlin police said the safety area in the capital's "party mile" around the Brandenburg Gate would be staffed by the German Red Cross for women feeling harassed.

The Red Cross said the safety area would be tented and psychologists would be present.

Consequences after Cologne

New Year's Eve, when Germany expends more than 130 million euros ($155 million) detonating pyrotechnics at or around midnight, became global news two years ago when groups of young men of North African appearance molested women near Cologne's main train station and cathedral.

Of 1,200 complaints filed in early 2016, Cologne prosecutors said some 500 cases turned out to involve sexual offences.

Assaults on women were also reported in other cities, especially Hamburg, where 245 investigations took place.

More lighting, video cameras

For Sunday night, Cologne's police chief Uwe Jacob said 1,400 policemen and women would be deployed on the central railway station plaza and around the adjacent cathedral.

Fireworks would be banned in the combined zone. More video surveillance cameras and improved lighting would be installed, he said.

Hamburg authorities plan to set up extra mobile police stations near the Reeperbahn red-light district, also combined with more cameras and lighting.

Frankfurt police said officers in uniform and in plain clothes would concentrate on public safety on both banks of the city's Main river, a popular hangout for revelers.

Concrete bollards

Police in Berlin, which is still grieving after last year's terrorist attack using a truck that killed 12 people at a Christmas market, said concrete bollards and other barricades would be placed around the Brandenburg Gate, the annual venue of televised festivities.

Delivery vehicles will be checked or even searched, and large bags and suitcases will be banned.

Munich's police force said that a "high abstract risk situation remained" and security precautions including special mobile units would be prevalent.

Munich police also warned that persons intending to aim fireworks at other people would be closely monitored and prosecuted.

"That is not entertainment, that is a serious crime, which could cause grave injury," said a police spokesman, referring to past injuries, including eye damage.

Eye injuries another hot button

In a survey after last year's festivities, the German Ophthalamological Association found that 41 eye clinics treated 350 people with New Year's injuries. Three-quarters of them were treated as outpatients and a tenth ended up losing their eyesight, according to the association.

A third were children and teenagers aged under 18, of whom only half had ignited the injury-causing device. Facial and hand injuries are also common during Germany's temporary amnesty on setting off fireworks.

Hansjürgen Agostini of Freiburg's University Clinic encouraged people intent on using fireworks to wear protective glasses or goggles.

"It would however be better," he said, "to leave fireworks in the hands of trained professionals."

"These figures show how erratic and dangerous rockets and firecrackers are, and that we need more protective measures," he concluded.
Mon Jan 01 10:05:08
Only 2 dead people is not bad at all!


2 die from fireworks in Germany, no repeat of mass groping

By david mchugh, associated press

FRANKFURT, Germany — Jan 1, 2018

Two people have died from fireworks injuries during New Year celebrations in Germany, but the country avoided a repeat of the mass groping in Cologne two years ago amid heightened security and efforts to protect women from sexual harassment.

In the Brandenburg region outside Berlin, police said Monday that a 35-year-old man died after igniting fireworks, and a 19-year-old suffered fatal head injuries after he set off a homemade device.

Multiple fireworks injuries also were reported across the country.

Police in Cologne said there were seven cases of sexual harassment, while Berlin police reported 13 and seven arrests as several hundred thousand people celebrated at the city's Brandenburg Gate.

Police sought to prevent a repeat of the incident two years ago in Cologne when hundreds of women were groped and robbed, mostly by groups of migrants. There were also concerns about possible terror attacks in the wake of the attack on Dec. 19, 2016 in which an asylum seeker drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market and killed 12 people.

Police barred large bags from barricaded-off pedestrian party areas in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Other fireworks incidents included serious eye injuries to a 14-year-old girl after fireworks were thrown at a group of people in the town of Triptis in the Thuringia region in the east, the dpa news agency reported.

Hand surgeons at Berlin's trauma hospital worked continuously in three operating rooms through the night treating 21 people, including five with amputation injuries, dpa reported.

Six officers in Berlin suffered temporary hearing loss when a firework was thrown at them during the arrest of a suspect. The 22-year-old man was believed to have thrown a firecracker that blew a hole in a police car's rear windshield.

Police said they also arrested a 16-year-old girl after she repeatedly threw fireworks at police and confiscated 44 illegal pyrotechnic devices they found in her possession.

Police in Leipzig turned water cannon on a group of up to 50 disorderly people who threw firecrackers at them.
Mon Jan 01 10:45:43
Classic. It has always been like this. When I was 14-15 I remember friends from school had a ”fireworks war” between themselves. They shot fireworks in stairwells, in the subway, at each other. It is just boys prank. Boys gotta be boys, ya know.

It is just too bad that people die or lose an eye or limbs. Every year it is the same thing all over again. People never learns that fireworks can hurt you or other people. Parents does not care to tell their kids. I don’t know... maybe the police should just shoot the parents and their kids. It would save our society money.
Mon Jan 01 10:52:18
”Police in Leipzig turned water cannon on a group of up to 50 disorderly people who threw firecrackers at them.”

lol, this is exactly what the brats wants. They are bored and have nothing better to do so let’s annoy and play with da poolice a little. Adrenaline goes up, and suddenly they have had a great and fun night.
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