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Utopia Talk / Politics / Traitors in the midst
Fri Jan 05 19:22:41
So apparently two high ranking officials pressured Jeff Sessions against recusing himself from the FBI investigation in regards to Trump and Russia.

This may open more of a case of obstruction of justice.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Jan 05 19:54:34

Is that the ones that were arrested today?

I thought I heard something about Congressmen being arrested, but I'm not certain. I was involved in something else.

the wanderer
Fri Jan 05 21:56:57
no arrests, just more evidence of Trumps unfitness... story involved:

- Trump thinking the AG is there to protect him, and being a whiny bitch about it

- Trumps own people lying to him about being able to fire Comey as they knew he was an idiot child
the wanderer
Fri Jan 05 21:59:51
...but was a NYT article so obviously pure fiction as all of their stories have been proven to be
the wanderer
Sat Jan 06 11:22:24
Trump: 'a lot of what was in NYT article was false'
reporter: 'what parts were false?'
Trump: 'you'll find out'

what a lying shitbag
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