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Utopia Talk / Politics / R.I.P. You Were A Great Funnyman
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jan 06 15:20:20

Jerry Van Dyke


the wanderer
Sat Jan 06 16:28:34
"Turned down the role of Gilligan on Gilligan's Island (1964) because he thought it was "the worst thing" he had ever read."


i only knew him from "Coach" (TV show) i think
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jan 06 18:17:18

I saw him live once when he did the warmup for Shirley Bassey in San Mateo. One of the funniest acts I ever saw.

1. He brought a tall stool out to the stage.

2. He brought a smaller stool out.

3. He brought out a small stuffed donkey and placed it on the taller stool.

4. He waited a few minutes until he came out wearing a huge Styrofoam western hat, I mean really huge, it was almost the size of a coffee table. And he sat down on the smaller stool behind the little donkey. And he brought out a pencil with a piece of string on it.

5. The music started. Now, most of you have never heard of 'Mule Train by Frankie Lane'.

I lost YouTube in my crash the other night and it is one I'm having trouble with and I cn't deal with it tonight.

If you can, pull up the Song do so.

Jerry added something to the song, a whip crack.

Now every time you hear Lane holler, 'hahhgh yahgh'.
imagine Jerry hitting that little mule with hi whip imagine the sound of the whip cracking.

Dosen't do well in print but the audience totally lost it. It was so funny.

the wanderer
Sat Jan 06 18:27:32
he seems to have recreated it to some degree on a TV show

the wanderer
Sat Jan 06 18:41:44
if by 'lost Youtube' you meant you had an icon on your desktop, this is one way to get it back:

1) right-click on empty space on your desktop

2) choose 'New -> Shortcut' from the menu that comes up

3) type or copy/paste the following into the text box:

4) then click [Next] or whatever & follow any further instructions like giving it a name
smart dude
Sat Jan 06 23:01:25
Wow rod really is retarded. "Lost youtube." My god.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jan 06 23:56:16

stupid dud, What part of *crash* do you not understand?

I was able to retrieve my major files but not YouTube, yet. I haven't had time to replace all of my bookmarks and lesser files yet. I'm working on it, just haven't got to everything yet.

Of course if I was a stupid dud I could just snap my fingers and shout, *Hillary Clinton is the most beautiful woman in the world*. And, everything would be instantly restored.

Sun Jan 07 03:05:56
One of my favorite bits he did was on the Dick Van Dyke show when he performed great asleep but wasn't worth a damn awake.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Jan 07 05:20:28
"What part of *crash* do you not understand?"

He appears to understand computers and the internet far better than you.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jan 07 11:38:44

Much better than you no doubt, but he is still a moron for sure.

Wrath of Orion
Sun Jan 07 12:00:19
Sure, Retard Rod, sure... Let us know when you "find" Youtube again.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jan 07 13:10:13

Damn pedowoo, It is not a three dimensional item that can be picked up and moved, or lost.

Maybe you should take computer lessons from stupid dud.

Now, if you will forgive me, I'm going to leave this thread for those who would like to express their condolences.

Wrath of Orion
Sun Jan 07 17:31:59
It's pretty obvious you're the only person in this thread that has no fucking idea how these things work.
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