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Utopia Talk / Politics / Yes, Session should be criticized for..
Sun Jan 07 06:25:12
...his complete and utter failure to address what should be addressed and not what is thought to be stifled.

What do I mean? While yes Sessions should be criticized in regards to his appropriation of resources to make it a priority to go have marijuana because he has a personal vendetta against it. Some republicans more specifically Trumpicantards are taking advantage stating that Sessions has lost all control of the DOJ.

Now they are saying this because it is an opportunity to show some sort of "unity" because of Session's focus that that issue because democrats share the same sentiment. However the Trumpicantards take it a step further to attach that not only Sessions has lost control but claim that the Russian investigation has ran "amok."

Keep in mind though that they only say this because of the fear they have due to the traitor, his family, and other confederates association with Russian and obstruction of justice. Also keep in mind that the Trumpicantards still cry there is no 'Russian Collusion' (there was, but the investigation continues) while at the same time they ignore the scorecard and only say that 'now' the investigation is turning towards only obstruction of justice. Fact is Trumpicantards do not fully understand how investigations work, which includes the local Trumpicantards on this here -prestigious- forum.

Trumpicantards rejoice!
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