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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Tragic accident kills pilot
Mon Jan 08 11:07:15
Finnish safety investigation authority Onnettomuustutkintakeskus is looking into an accident, in which a German pilot was killed:


'Exceptional accident': Private jet pilot killed by aircraft's flying door
Published time: 5 Jan, 2018

Finnish authorities are investigating a bizarre incident in which a pilot was killed by a plane door which became detached from the plane. He was preparing a private jet for a flight when it happened.

The Gulfstream G150 jet, usually used for private flights arrived at the Kittila airport in northern Finland from Moscow, the local Lapin Kansa newspaper reports. It was being prepared for its next flight from the popular holiday resort in the Lapland region to Yekaterinburg, Russia on Thursday.

The plane which can seat 20 passengers was empty when the captain, the second pilot and a flight attendant boarded the aircraft for pre-flight checks. At that moment, the door detached from the fuselage and hit the pilot. It came off with such force that the 50-year-old man died on the spot, while parts of the door were then found some ten meters away from the aircraft, investigators say.

Describing the fatal accident as "very exceptional," Finnish authorities say they now consider a technical failure as its main cause. They have contacted officials in Austria where the plane is registered, as well as the US manufacturers of the aircraft.
large member
Mon Jan 08 11:32:42
Achtung, Jabos!
the wanderer
Mon Jan 08 11:37:34
how many people are in this story... is the captain the first pilot? and if so, who died?
or is the dead guy the first pilot? and what does the captain do?
Mon Jan 08 11:39:41
"Onnettomuustutkintakeskus "

nuff said
Mon Jan 08 11:40:34
I also found the story poorly explained, who died? Second pilot?
the wanderer
Mon Jan 08 11:43:42
perhaps we should email info@Onnettomuustutkintakeskus.fi
Mon Jan 08 11:47:56
"I also found the story poorly explained"

RT ...
Mon Jan 08 11:49:53
Obfuscating facts to facilitate a cover up.

He was murdered by the Finns
Mon Jan 08 11:52:10
Saatana perkele vittu! How do you even pronounce that name without stumbling on it?

Onnetto muustut kinta keskus

Yay, I did it.
Sam Adams
Mon Jan 08 14:31:12
Protip: dont open doors to pressurized aircraft.
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