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Utopia Talk / Politics / Online gun sales are pretty legal
Mon Jan 08 15:44:59

Tldr - cummings, warren and other libtards attempted to prove that online gun sales were rampantly breaking laws and or selling to people who shouldn't have guns, they failed epicly.
large member
Mon Jan 08 16:35:29
"Agents made seven attempts to purchase firearms on the Dark Web. In these attempts, agents did not disclose any information about whether they were prohibited from possessing a firearm. Of these seven attempts, two on a Dark Web marketplace were successful. Specifically, GAO agents purchased and received an AR-15 rifle and an Uzi that the seller said was modified so that it would fire automatically. GAO provided referral letters to applicable law enforcement agencies for these purchases to inform any ongoing investigations"

For surface web
In these 56 attempts, 29 sellers refused because they would not ship a firearm [across state lines] and 27 refused after we presented the scenario [where the agents volunteered information on 1 of 5 grounds for not qualifying]

For dark web: An unknown net-persona succeeded in purchasing fire-arms 2 of 7 tries. Which seems a rather high success rate.

For the open web: Do not request a gun across state lines, or volunteer information to the seller that shows you cannot legally purchase a weapon.

The would be evildoer trying to arm himself ended up with 1 AR-15 and 1 Uzi incidentally.

Pictures at the link


Mon Jan 08 17:48:50
Dark web, they were able to purchase those weapons by not admitting they werent allowed to have them, ie they had to avoid using one of the bigger red flags because they kept being shut down. By people on the dark web.
Mon Jan 08 19:58:44
Jergul's complaint is of course that the government securing just 2 weapons out of 63 attempts... is just because the government didnt try hard enough.

Clearly we have to ban all firearms right now
Mon Jan 08 21:47:31
Obaminated self-owns once again. Fucking retards who source Fox News are the dumbest of the dumb.

He races back to the bottom to achieve a tie with Hot Rod as dumbest poster.

What a way to ring in the new year.
Mon Jan 08 23:34:56
Out of 70 or so attempts, only being able to purchase 2 weapons and via a watered down method is a pretty good case of "existing laws are working as intended".
large member
Tue Jan 09 01:26:59
So gun control works if people are upfront about not being allowed to buy guns? And any evil-doer upfront about not being allowed to have a gun will still be able to purchase two automatics if he tries for a while.

My point is mainly that the method used was flawed beyond documenting that identifiable online sellers will not ship across state lines.

The 5 full disclosure scenarioes are garbage.

Norway has a lot of guns in citizen's hands. Its more that clearly guns need to be regulated until gun murders are at par with western averages.

Tue Jan 09 01:28:22
Of course you ignore all other factors....
American Democrat
Tue Jan 09 05:20:14
What other factors? I am inclined to agree that the method used was flaw where we have years of other exploitations documenting such black market sales of various items using the dark web.

Many federal investigations over many years have presented this. This one commissioned for a study is flawed in one particular since just 1 to 2 years prior a big bust had occurred in regards to online gun sales. Which demonstrated that this particular exploitation was being utilized. And that occurred and it seemingly have those liberally taken the actions of showing their lack of credentials. I am sure that definitely warrants a suspicion of that this could be another bust, so they are much more hesitant. (You know 'factors' and all)

The study commissioned was used to show or attempt to show "I told you so." And once it was completed, it wasn't as damning as it should be.

However, to accept the conclusion that "online sales" are being regulated, as it should be, is primitive ignorant thinking, especially when it comes to the dark web.
Tue Jan 09 06:55:31
Well this ought to bring out the Republican voters in droves. Can't have anyone coming after my guns.

I predict that gun legislation will be all over the country close to election time. Even if the Republicans have to propose it themselves.

Along with stricter hunting regulations, like bear baiting and the use of hounds.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Jan 09 07:16:53

There are close to 200,000,000 guns in The United States owned by honest citizens,

If they were a problem, you would know it.

American Democrat
Tue Jan 09 10:49:25
Are you inferring that 200 million of those guns are legally owned?

I think you have a poor perspective what is considered "problems."
Tue Jan 09 11:37:06
Dozens of mass shootings every year is not a problem. Buy more guns and carry on.
Tue Jan 09 12:18:42
Probably well over 200 million legally owned & registered firearms in the US.


According to that, there were over 23 million background checks performed in 2015. 8.3 million in 2000.

Looking at the graph they provide, it looks like somewhere in the ballpark of 60 million background checks in 15 years...

200 million total firearms seems conservative.
large member
Tue Jan 09 13:48:54
Reviewing the data; Americana costs a typical male 6 months of life to preventable cultural causes compared to Norway.

Feel free to demonstrate detached cynicism at this point.

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