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Utopia Talk / Politics / Taylor Swift Is Literally Hitler
Anarchist Prime
Wed Jan 10 09:59:00
Published on Jan 9, 2018

Since Taylor Swift wouldn't publicly denounce Donald Trump, she's been the focus of ire from leftist fuckwits who've labeled her 'white supremacist' and 'nazi sympathiser'.

I figured I'd imagine what it's be like if she actually WERE Hitler.

Here ya go. Have a laugh and don't get yer panties in a knot.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Jan 10 10:14:33

I see nothing funny about it, but then it made me sick so I couldn't get all the way through it.

Wed Jan 10 10:23:19
She won't denounce Trump because most of her fans are suburban white kids, a majority of whose parents voted for Trump.

Can't break the echo chamber. Gotta make money.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Jan 10 10:33:16

Sounds reasonable since demorats wants to keep as many illegals in the country as possible hoping they will vote demorat.

In other words, It's the same thing only different.

Wrath of Orion
Wed Jan 10 10:34:29
"Have a laugh and don't get yer panties in a knot."

Don't worry, Pedo Rod only gets hot and bothered when children are involved.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Jan 10 10:38:12

Another moron heard from.

If you ever want to see a true moron just take a peek at those who are on my ass.

Especially pedo woo.

Maybe he just likes to smell my ass. Who nose.


Wed Jan 10 10:43:46
Leave it to Dukhat to actually claim in all seriousness that the entertainment industry is beset with the problem of being a conservative echo chamber. Bless your heart, Dukhat you incorrigible psycho.
Wed Jan 10 10:51:36
Maybe it's because I'm unfamiliar with her work, but wtf did this have to do with tswift?
Wed Jan 10 11:07:41
The video has been disliked from somewhere in the Antarctica?!
Wed Jan 10 11:56:04
10/10 video
Wed Jan 10 12:37:47
Rugian's so fucking stupid. The number one thing that unifies Republicans is their stupidity.

Even among college-educated Republicans, the number 1 thing that differentiates them from Democrats is that they don't believe in science or the mainstream media:

Almost all media is corporatist and Trump won BECAUSE of the media not because of them. They gave him billions of dollars worth of coverage and unfiltered access to the American people. Just because a lot of the coverage is negative doesn't change the fact that on net, he was massively helped.


You stupid, ignorant fuck. I hope the person who plunged that knife into your back goes and finishes the job. It would serve a troglodyte like you right.
Wed Jan 10 13:26:05
Imagine being Cuckhat, and thinking that a fucking singer needs to publicly denounce a sitting President. rofl Cuckhat, go donate more money to Russian collusionaire Shill Stein
Wed Jan 10 15:41:53
When do they teach reading skills? The 2nd grade? Maybe that's why Forwyn decided to argue against something I never said.

I could give 2 shits about some random celebrity deciding to denounce Trump.

My point is that the "Muh Liberal Hollywood" meme is a falsehood because many of these celebrities depend on working class fans to keep them afloat.

It's akin to Michael Savage for one day saying maybe we should rethink guns after the Vegas shooting or Hannity saying there should be a pathway to citizenship after Obama won re-election. And then afterwards pretending like those events never happened.

For all the bullshit that hollywood is liberal, tons of them are dependent on retards with white-skin to pay the bills.
Thu Jan 11 02:39:20
Remember when the Dixie chicks dissed Bush Jr and ruined their career in one fell swoop on a pleasant night in London?
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