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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump betraying workers
Sat Jan 13 07:07:42
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Local manufacturing workers shared a strong message for President Donald Trump ahead of his State of the Union speech later this month: Make good on your campaign promises to America’s workers or pay for it politically.

“I’m sorry that people bought into his message,” said former local union president Chuck Jones. “He sold us a bag of [expletive], and now we’re stuck with him for a while.”

At a town hall hosted by Good Jobs Nation, Jones and Carrier employees facing another round of layoffs spoke about the importance of supporting politicians who they can trust to advocate for working people if the president and others in office won’t.

They believe their political capital is growing.

Jones is known nationally for feuding with the president over his failure to save as many jobs as he once claimed, despite Vice President Mike Pence working with state officials to provide a $7 million subsidy.


Trumpicantards rejoice!
The Children
Sat Jan 13 09:18:32
all politics is based on deceptions. im sorry those retards and morons fell 4 it. but lol what waz they expectin though

Sat Jan 13 10:14:19
lol... Another day in America.
Sat Jan 13 10:19:58
What a surprise that union idiots are idiots. Muh subsidies!
Sat Jan 13 11:10:56
Damn, even TC can see through Trump's bullshit. Maybe a few dumb white people can too.
Sat Jan 13 11:47:04
These are the dumb white people you rail against. No-skills, union-tards who expect the President to save their industry with crony capitalism.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sat Jan 13 12:05:15

Union leaders will never be happy with President Trump no matter what he does.

They are dyed in the wool demorats.

The Politician
Sat Jan 13 12:08:59
"These are the dumb white people you rail against. No-skills, union-tards who expect the President to save their industry with crony capitalism."

Like the coal industry...
Sat Jan 13 12:18:34
While a lot of swing voters were union-member life-long democrats, the base of the GOP has been and will continue to be dead-ender, dumb white guys unified not by union membership but by their reactionary politics and ignorance of science and world affairs.
Sat Jan 13 13:17:11
"Like the coal industry..."

Indeed. Like the dumbass coal industry. Nothing will save them from obsolescence.
Sun Jan 14 12:03:02
The fact is Trump opponent would not have helped them any further either. So really, Trump was as good as they could have got this go round. Which is laughable and depressing all at once.
Sun Jan 14 17:50:43
"The fact is Trump opponent would not have helped them any further either."

Unbelievably fucking retarded.

1. Hillary wouldn't have passed an idiotic tax plan that leaves at least a 3 trillion dollar hole in the deficit. When the recession comes and it will, that's less money for fiscal stimulus. And it's the dumb white guys that will lose their jobs first.

It's also literally the same reason why the 2008 recovery was so slow. Rich people gambled away bush tax cuts which also left a huge hole in the deficit. A more substantial stimulus wasn't possible with the huge hole in the economy.

2. Hillary wouldn't have fucked with healthcare which is set to rise at least 10% more per year thanks to Trump's shennanigans.

And that's not counting all the damage Trump is doing to the environment and foreign policy and being wrong on every issue.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Jan 14 18:05:04

Trump is bringing capitalism back to the country.

Get used to it.

And he is doing just fine with the environment and foreign policy.
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