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Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Feb 03 00:25:44

With this and 3D printing real women will soon be obsolete.
Sat Feb 03 00:39:50
Japanese men are thrilled.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 03 01:07:59
i saw the Portman video, couldn't tell if a look-alike or the AI thing

pretty crazy stuff
The Children
Sat Feb 03 02:11:54
its pretty fuckin scary stuff

Sat Feb 03 02:52:50
We are not going to be able to trust anything in the future. If Mr Donald makes a speech and says something stupid how will we know for sure that he really said it and that it wasn’t Obuma who played a trick and faked the video?
Sat Feb 03 06:03:23
A brave nude world.
The Children
Sat Feb 03 07:11:36
" saw the Portman video, couldn't tell if a look-alike or the AI thing "

>> any link or what?
Sat Feb 03 08:13:31
block chain tech could potential help this situation, with some sort of system where the original pic/video is recorded and tied to a block chain, then any change to it would have to also be recorded permanently afterward.

Then, some sort of trust system would have to be adopted by pretty much everyone. And the only images we trust are those you can view it's verify the block chain tag.

Kind of like cash fiat money being marked with anti-counterfeit markings.
Sat Feb 03 09:25:13
That and lawsuits. An actress could argue that her face is propriety, and its use to such an extent could constitute trademark infringement.

Brave new world indeed.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 03 10:32:05
i don't vouch for this or any of its links being virus-free, SO USE AT OWN RISK... and NSFW
but i believe it has AI videos of Natalie Portman, Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clark, Gal Gadot if you sift thru the first few pages

its a mix of fake & real celeb nudes... & occasionally muslim men dancing for humor... not joking :p

i noticed glitches on Emilia so confirms not a look-alike, and how impressive the tech is
Sat Feb 03 11:17:57
Celeb Jihad? I’m not gonna risk visiting that site. I don’t want a virus and I don’t want ISIS and Saudi Arabia to earn money from their ads on that site. It is ads on that site, right? I’m gonna stick to looking at Natalie Dormer’s tits on this photo instead http://m.imgur.com/9M5Vjnw It is a much less risk.
Sat Feb 03 11:18:39
^ and this phot is not fake like the videos. This is real.
the wanderer
Sat Feb 03 11:28:38
she's been topless in Game of Thrones
the wanderer
Sat Feb 03 11:31:20
i suppose with this tech, they may go beyond using ass doubles and stuff in regular movies

so a potential upside for legit actresses not wanting to show their goods in normal movies

or not show up altogether :p
Sat Feb 03 11:33:03
I've seen a few of these. So far I haven't really been fooled by them (the eyebrows are a good place to look, you'll often find a double-brow creep up for brief moments due to awkward angles, dimensions), but they're still pretty impressive.
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