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Utopia Talk / Politics / Berlin wall 10,316 days
Mon Feb 05 16:32:35
As time goes by...


The Berlin Wall: It's now gone for as long as it stood — 10,316 days

It stood for 10,316 days. Now, as of Monday, the Berlin Wall has been gone for as long as it had divided the city.

Two years after the end of the Berlin airlift that broke the Soviet blockade of the western part of the city, construction began in the summer of 1961 by Communist East German authorities trying to stop people from escaping to the West. It sliced Berlin into an eastern Communist sector and capitalist enclave surrounded by East Germany.

The wall, perhaps the most powerful symbol of the Cold War, stood for more than 28 years until it was torn down starting Nov. 9, 1989, during the collapse of the Soviet empire.

At least 140 people had died trying to cross the wall to escape to the West.

Monday marked the 10,316th day since the wall has been gone.
the wanderer
Mon Feb 05 16:44:46
it probably pissed off a lot of squirrels
Mon Feb 05 17:49:27
time sure flies
Mon Feb 05 23:42:26
Walls are divisive
large member
Tue Feb 06 05:09:58
Good walls make even better neighbours.
Sam Adams
Tue Feb 06 10:01:28
Well that makes me feel fucking old
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Feb 06 16:20:19

Sam, wasn't that thing torn down last month?

My how time flies.

Wed Feb 07 09:35:04
Fun fact, assuming Merkel's new government makes it to the 2021 elections, she'll have been in power for a full 50% of German history since the Wall fell. Germans do love their authority figures.
Wed Feb 07 09:44:01
"Germans do love their authority figures."

They love to elect them to their parliament, using proportional reperesentation system.
Wed Feb 07 10:00:43
Yes, they do love their elected authority figures, just as the Russians and Turks do.
Wed Feb 07 10:06:27
Also, The Donald won 30 states comprising a clear majority of electoral votes, seems pretty proportional to me.
Wed Feb 07 10:21:52
"Yes, they do love their elected authority figures, just as the Russians and Turks do."

You have pretty low standards to claim that germany elections are just like turkish ore russian. I have higher standards, I will not say it.
Wed Feb 07 10:26:45
Yes, between the speech censorship laws, the persecution of opposition parties, and the strong collusion between government and news media, German elections habe nothing in common with Russian and Turkish ones. Gotcha.
Wed Feb 07 10:30:42
sarcastic "nothing in common" is a bit better than "just like", a welcome goalpost move, but my standards are still higher than yours. Germany elections > turkish/russian election, at least for the people who view authoritarianism negatively. Like moi
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