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Utopia Talk / Politics / Should he get a separate cell or not?
Wed Feb 07 02:41:04
Translated with Google:


The detainee snores so hard that he gets a beat every night in prison in Bruges
FT 03 February 2018

Detainee André Drabs (60), who has been in jail in Bruges since June, snores so hard that he is beaten every night. The man now demands a separate cell.
According to a doctor, the average man from Antwerp snores at 57.6 decibels a night, just as loud as a child screams. His lawyer says that the man sometimes reaches peaks of 93 decibels and that corresponds to the sound of a jackhammer. His fellow prisoners are mad about it and that leads to violence, says counselor Joris Van Maele in Het Nieuwsblad. "As good as every night, my client is awakened by a punch in the face." Sometimes they also hit him with other objects. At dawn, he is also attacked by other prisoners who sleep in the same corridor. "His snoring carries so far that they too suffer from it."

In the prisons of Wortel and Antwerp, where Drabs already sat, they know the problem. The man got a separate cell. The prison of Bruges does not want that privilege to allow him. "His safety is in danger, however," his lawyer says. According to him, the detainee for a long time concealed the fact that he was beaten, for fear of reprisals. Now the situation has become untenable. "He hardly dares to sleep."

The prison of Bruges asks questions and does not immediately intend to put the man to sleep separately. "According to the data in the investigation the detainee sleeps like a rose. Moreover, it has not been proven that the bruises are caused by his snoring problem. "Advocate Eline Dupont says that they can just as well be the result of" his obnoxious character ". The court pronounces judgment on 9 February.

large member
Wed Feb 07 02:59:22
Probably best not to punch in face if his snoring is bothering you.

But I will go with corrective surgery for 500.
Tentacle Rapist
Wed Feb 07 13:51:01
I would kill the fucker if I was stuck in a cell with that kind of snoring. I love Misophonia!
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