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Utopia Talk / Politics / Cuckanada works for ISIS
Tentacle Rapist
Thu Feb 08 19:22:09
It's our duty to save jihadists from the Kurdish YPG militia


Alleged ISIS operative 'Jihadi Jack' begs Canada to let him come here
'Please get me out of this place,' Jack Letts asks consular officials

Canadian diplomats have made contact with a British-Canadian man who allegedly joined ISIS in Syria — and who is now pleading with the government to secure his release from prison and allow him to come to Canada, CBC News has learned.

Jack Letts, a British-Canadian man dubbed "Jihadi Jack" by the U.K. media, is being held by Kurdish authorities on suspicion of being a member of the extremist organization.

CBC News has obtained audio recordings and text transcripts of his conversations with Canadian consular officials, who have stopped short of giving him any direct assurances they'll be able to free him.

​"Please get me out of this place," Letts said in a Jan. 10 conversation with Canadian officials. "I don't mind if you put me in prison, just get me out of here as soon as possible."

Asked if he wanted to return to his parents' home in Oxford, U.K., Letts was unequivocal: "I want to come to Canada."

'I started to go insane'
He told the consular official that he had attempted suicide after his first month in solitary confinement but was found in time by his Kurdish guards.

"I started to go insane and talk to myself and I thought dying was better than my mother seeing me insane," Letts said. "So I tried to hang myself."

He has since been allowed to live in a cell with other prisoners.

CBC has asked officials at Global Affairs repeatedly whether the Liberal government is working to win his freedom and whether he would be allowed to come to Canada.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, on her way to testify before a Commons committee Thursday afternoon, would not comment on the case. A spokesperson for her department would only say the minister is aware of Letts' case.

'Jihadi Jack': Help us bring him back, say British-Canadian parents who fear son being tortured in Syria
Terrorist in the making? CSIS studied 100 Canadians. Here's what the spy agency found
The lawyer representing his family in Ottawa, Paul Champ, said there's been no ambiguity in his conversations with officials and the only hurdle appears to be the logistical challenges involved in getting him out of Syria.

Part of the problem is that Letts is being held not by a country but by the Kurdish YPG militia, which has been targeted by Turkey in military operations and by various rival factions in Syria.

"It makes it as complex a consular situation as you can imagine," Champ told CBC News, "but Canada has dealt with other situations. They've dealt with hostage situations ... That's what Canadian consular officials are trained to do."

Letts is being held in a prison in Qamishli in northern Syria, along the Turkish border.

Champ said he believes that, from a legal perspective, Letts can be considered a "hostage" and not necessarily a prisoner. He said Canada has an obligation to him as a citizen to render assistance.

This undated photo shows a young Jack Letts (far right) with his father, John Letts, and his younger brother on a winter vacation near Ottawa. (Sally Allen)
Speaking by phone earlier this month, a Canadian consular official assured Letts that Canada is "working to resolve" his plight, according to text transcripts obtained by CBC News.

That verbal assurance was followed by a letter sent to his parents just days ago. In it, the federal government's director of consular case management said the government is "making every effort to assist" him.

"We have been in communication with Kurdish representatives to that end and continue our efforts," Kirill Kagner wrote on Jan. 29.
Thu Feb 08 19:55:05
Negotiate his release, bring him home

Then we can have our nation's first hot stoning
Thu Feb 08 19:56:29
He's evening being held by a non governmental entity. Kurds are torturing and illegally detaining foreign nationals.

They should be handing off prisoners to the Syrian Government.
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Feb 09 12:00:16
'They should be handing off prisoners to the Syrian Government.'

Ya, they should. I just hate that we have any duty to protect traitors.
Fri Feb 09 12:27:58
Just tell Justin Trudeau that this guy fucked his wife. He'll never leave Syria alive.
Fri Feb 09 12:38:20
Think you got that backwards
Fri Feb 09 12:39:00
A truly wise leader and inspiration for all of peoplekind.
Fri Feb 09 12:46:13
It is reasonable that the country in which they commited their henious crimes should also punish them as they see fit. At minimum it involves insurrection and membership in a terrorist group. Their passports and citizenships should be considered forfeited. The end.
Fri Feb 09 13:02:39
Yeah, but on the other hand I think Canada needs to embrace Pakistani culture and hot stone him.

We are woke like that
Tentacle Rapist
Fri Feb 09 18:30:11
That's actually a really good point Pillz. This is a great opportunity to practice inclusion by putting on a cultural display to help people understand Pakistan and Pakistani culture.
Fri Feb 09 20:23:32
i thought the standing orders were for foreign nationals caught on the battlefield to be summarily executed. Someone went soft here.
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