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Utopia Talk / Politics / OT - South Korea
Fri Feb 09 10:04:43
is it a place worth touring?
I have not been to the far east.
Fri Feb 09 10:17:46
In the "see it before it's gone" sense it is.
Fri Feb 09 10:20:07
Dunno. Guess it depends if you like to be among a lot of asians or not. Also, they eat dogs in SK. Do you like dog?

Dog stew.
Dog with pasta and tomatos.
Maybe a slice of a dog on your sandwich?
Fri Feb 09 16:22:32
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Feb 09 16:53:29
Visiting the fish market seems fun.

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Feb 22 22:15:09

Japan has much more to offer.

smart dude
Thu Feb 22 23:07:15

Oh wait, nevermind. He studied Asian Subjects. In Hawaii. And dropped out. LOL.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Feb 22 23:19:40

And I had many Japanese friends and roommates, I've seen much Japanese Art and photographs of Japan and more.

Why do you suppose so much?

smart dude
Fri Feb 23 00:14:57
Oh wow. And I ate ramen and watched the Seven Samurai. Dur Dur.

I have been to both countries and I'd say they are both worth visiting.

But I guess that's nothing compared to seeing a photograph. ROFL.
smart dude
Fri Feb 23 00:18:20
It must really suck to be so old and to have accomplished and to have seen so little, Rod. I mean, you're a person who has actually bragged about having eaten sushi and dining at, lol, Ruth's Chris Steak House. Two very dull and silly things. LOL. What a stupid pathetic old crippled loser.
Fri Feb 23 00:20:17
Brb, telling all my colorful friends that I'm extremely cultured because I've seen photographs from all over the world.
Fri Feb 23 00:30:54
Was in Japan for a month. Pretty cool. Wouldn't say it has more to offer than Korea, because I haven't been to Korea.
Fri Feb 23 01:45:23
On the surface it feels like if you are going to the eastern end of the world, you would go to iconic countries China and Japan. Going to Korea feels like going to New Jersey on your trip to the USA :P
Cherub Cow
Fri Feb 23 03:45:10
Having lived for years in the East (and topically: China, Korea, and Japan), something I've heard said and with which I agree is that it's best to visit China first, then Korea, then Japan, because China is garbage, Korea is much nicer, and Japan is amazing.

Focusing on Korea, I loved it there. I lived there several different times. Lots and lots of cool places to visit, particularly in Seoul. The first thing I thought of was the Jogyesa lanterns at night.. really beautiful, and if you go late at night it's serene and isolated. But the markets can be a lot of fun too.. I don't like the fish markets (like the Conan video), but the clothing market near Gwanghwamun was fun just to wander. I also loved spending time around the arcades in Sookmyung (lots of weird games mixed in with batting cages and familiar stuff), and I visited the different gates lots of times (Gwanghwamun, Namdaemun, Seodaemun, etc.; different pictures for the different seasons) — definitely see Namdaemun before another arsonist strikes ;D .. Lots of visits to the Shinsegae department stores.. running up to Seoul tower and running along the Han river (lots of funny old people wearing visors and doing strange stretch routines).. I also bought my Korg piano in Korea, that was from the Nagwon Instrument Arcade — which itself is cool to visit; just halls and halls of instruments and really talented people trying them out or showing off for fun. And so many temples to wander. I don't think I went to all of the gates, and I'd wanted to go to the Haengju Fortress monument (great view of the river and city), but anyways.. lots to see.

Its mood is kind of strange.. like it's definitely not as clean as Japan (though of course it's far cleaner than China), but after I stopped hating it (first months there), it really got to be a great place. The most recent time that I left I really did not want to leave. I don't usually get attached to places like that (not even Japan), but that last drive to Gimpo airport was really painful.
..So yeah. If you have a chance to go, then go.
*will be nostalgic for the rest of the night*
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Feb 23 08:06:44

I had fun.

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