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Utopia Talk / Politics / hey bitches!!! BEHOLD THE SUPERPOWER!!!
The Children
Sun Feb 11 11:14:07


The Children
Sun Feb 11 11:36:49
what can i say. only a superpower like china can get something like this done.

shut it, run from it, marvel it, jellous it, drool it, then cry about it.

Sun Feb 11 11:51:18
Perhaps the first TC post that isn't 100% retarded.

Still only a concept for now though.
Sun Feb 11 12:06:00
I don’t know. That is too much green color. Besides, imagine all the bugs that will crawl in through your window and your onto your bed. Do you want a spider in your ear? I don’t think so.
the wanderer
Sun Feb 11 12:56:41
"They will absorb... 57 tons of pollutants per year"

i think the artist renderings should look more like the twisted nightmarish Silvanesti forest from Dragonlance Chronicles
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