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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Kingdom Come Deliverance
Sun Feb 11 15:01:09
da game is released on tuesday.

Seems like the story is this: The land is a shithole and you have to fix it.

Will you get it? It like Witcher 3 and Skyrim. Combat looks difficult.

Mon Feb 12 11:39:13
Definitely going to get it. Something is in the water over in Eastern Europe that makes them churn out amazing RPG's on a potato budget
Mon Feb 12 11:59:05
Yeah, tomorrow I’m gonna get it. I have been kind of bored with games lately. Games are the most fun in the beginning, like the first two hours, then I get bored with them. I like the part when you create your character, and then the moment when you set off to explore the world.
Tue Feb 13 15:18:40
Tell me if it's good, it looked interesting.
Tue Feb 13 17:40:31
I have only played for like 2-3 hours so far, the prologue. So I have not familiarized myself with everything yet.

I’m a bit disappointed by the graphics. It’s not as good as the Witcher 3, and the game isn’t as smooth as it either. The unimportant NPC’s, the townsfolk, has an empty look to them. Their eyes/gaze looks dead. I’m on PS4 so maybe the graphics are better on the PC. The interior textures of houses does not look very good. It’s not as detailed as Skyrim, and you can’t pick up a whole lot of items. At least not when playing the prologue.

But I escaped Skallitz now, and got to Talmberk(?). So I guess now is when I can start exploring the world and get myself familiar with the game. I have basically only fought with a wooden sword so far and got myself into two fist fights. But combat looks interesting. Different from what I have seen before.

What I like is that you have got to sleep and eat to stay healthy and strong. You also need to take a bath once in a while. If you don’t it will have an effect on your charisma, and even your ability to stay hidden because people may smell your stench. Your clothing will also have an effect on how people react to you. If you have blood stains on your clothes or if you have cool, dangerous looking weapons, then some people may be afraid of you.

I also like the setting in general, and the mood of the game. I kinda like that it isn’t a regular fantasy theme. This feels new. Don’t know a whole lot about the main story yet, except what happens in the peologue. It sends you off and the main story will develop.

I kinda want to start over and replay the prologue because as I was leaving the starting village I think there was someone I could have helped there. But I left in a hurry, like running for my life, so I didn’t have the time to think about anyone else. I just ran like a coward.

Also, the leveling is not as clear as I’m used to. I think I have got several points to spend to increase my stats and skills. But I can’t see how many points I have. There is like a yellow asterix next to several abilities and skills. So maybe I just need to click on them to raise them. I’m gonna do it in my next play session, and then I’m gonna get some decent clothing and armor and start to kick some ass.
Tue Feb 13 18:15:40
It looks like you can get laid in Kingdom Come also:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Romance Guide – How to Romance Every Woman, Virgin Trophy, Tips

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a lot of opportunities where your character can have sex if you play your cards right.

Having sex will reward you with different Trophies/Achievements. This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Romance Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about earning these Romance-related Achievements/Trophies.

There will be different opportunities where you can choose to have romance or not. By having sex with Lady Theresa, you can earn ‘McLovin’ Trophy/Achievement. Having romance with Lady Stephanie will reward you with ‘Casanova’ Achievement/Trophy. As for choosing not to have sex in the game at all will earn you the ‘Virgin’ Trophy/Achievement.

Tue Feb 13 19:19:30
For a new studio its pretty good. Graphics definitely last gen but I dont really care too much about that. Have not gotten far into it but what combat i have done was engaging.
Thu Feb 15 14:17:53
The prologue was longer than I thought. I thought it was finished when I left Skalitz. But it finished when I reached Ratay.

I need Saviour Schnapps. Only got two left. Gotta learn how to brew that shit.
Fri Feb 16 14:09:56
I’m already getting a bit bored with this game. It is not unusual though because I have played it for far more than 2-3 hours. Maybe 8-10 hours.

Picking locks is almost impossible. I’m doing a quest now where I have to pick a fking lock to get a ring. But I have only got 10 lockpicks and almost no cash to buy more. And this game isn’t like Skyrim (blessed be its name) where you can find lockpicks laying around here and there.

Lots of people has apparently been complaining to the developers about lockpicking - that they made it stupidly hard. So the devs tweeted ”we hear you” and that ”we may fix it”, or something like that. Well, I’m not going to touch the game until they have fixed it.

Gonna finish Pillars of Eternity while they fix lockpicking in Kingdom Come.

Pillars of Eternity. Great game. If you can’t pick da lock you can just bash the cheat. I love it.

I tried bashing a chest in Kingdom Come. It doesn’t work. lol
Sat Feb 17 02:05:47
I gave it another try and I managed to pick not only one lock but three locks now! So its all good again. The game is fun. But I need to raise my lockpicking skill.
Mon Feb 19 11:51:55
*bash the chest, not bash the cheat
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