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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sexual Dimorphism: Baby Brain Edition
Renzo Marquez
Mon Feb 12 18:06:03
Uh oh. Don't tell anyone at Google. Or Seb.


Investigation of brain structure in the 1-month infant.


The developing brain undergoes systematic changes that occur at successive stages of maturation. Deviations from the typical neurodevelopmental trajectory are hypothesized to underlie many early childhood disorders; thus, characterizing the earliest patterns of normative brain development is essential. Recent neuroimaging research provides insight into brain structure during late childhood and adolescence; however, few studies have examined the infant brain, particularly in infants under 3 months of age. Using high-resolution structural MRI, we measured subcortical gray and white matter brain volumes in a cohort (Nā€‰=ā€‰143) of 1-month infants and examined characteristics of these volumetric measures throughout this early period of neurodevelopment. We show that brain volumes undergo age-related changes during the first month of life, with the corresponding patterns of regional asymmetry and sexual dimorphism. Specifically, males have larger total brain volume and volumes differ by sex in regionally specific brain regions, after correcting for total brain volume. Consistent with findings from studies of later childhood and adolescence, subcortical regions appear more rightward asymmetric. Neither sex differences nor regional asymmetries changed with gestation-corrected age. Our results complement a growing body of work investigating the earliest neurobiological changes associated with development and suggest that asymmetry and sexual dimorphism are present at birth.
Senor Marquez
Mon Feb 12 18:28:00
the wanderer
Tue Feb 13 00:54:37
which ones are tastier? i bet China knows...
Sam Adams
Tue Feb 13 11:11:02
Omg genes are racist!!!!!
Sun Feb 18 17:28:08
I posted that one for hood a while back.

Here is another level.

^Not even chimps in the wild escape the evils of the patriarchy.
Sun Feb 18 18:26:42
Unbelievable levels of fucking retarded.

Sun Feb 18 20:19:16
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