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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump continues to let US be attacked
Tue Feb 27 13:06:48
Trump is still in denial that Russia has cyberattacked the US infrastructure. Intelligence agencies provided the intel detailing what transpired. Congress voted on sanctions and other measures that Trump refuse to accept or do anything about.

In the security briefings today the NSA chief expressed concerns and grievances that he has not been given any directives to counter or thwart the attack by Russia and directly to the source.

Comrade Trump wants to hurt the US as he is Putin's puppet.

Trumpicantards rejoice!

Tue Feb 27 13:13:36
Tue Feb 27 13:24:03
"NSA chief"

Well, at least it's not perjurin' James Clapper anymore
Tue Feb 27 13:26:45
I was gonna say, I guess we're back to the NSA being the good guys again?

RIP Snowden, you officially martyred yourself for nothing
Tue Feb 27 17:41:26
Cuckservatives nonsensical as always. Always some repeated dumbfuck excuse from the recesses of the right blogosphere that makes sense to nobody else.

Fuck both of you retards.
Tue Feb 27 17:47:41
"I was gonna say, I guess we're back to the NSA being the good guys again?"

They are when they're doing their actual job, protecting US citizens from potential foreign danger. When they go off assignment and swallow up information on US citizens, not so much. It's a difficult distinction to draw, I know.
the wanderer
Tue Feb 27 21:14:33
"Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?"
~ lil boy Trump (2013)
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Feb 27 23:16:02

Didn't Trump sell that pageant?

American Democrat
Wed Feb 28 05:13:39
This is very dangerous and also really explains how terribly naïve and inexperienced he is. He wants to ignore the actions that were taken by Russia and does not want to do anything to protection the nation. He is blatantly ignoring his role and oath of office.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Feb 28 08:36:38

Doesn't he have the strongest sanctions against the Russians than any other President?

the wanderer
Wed Feb 28 10:27:46
um... no

he has continued Obama sanctions probably because he was unaware of them or couldn't stop them

he has ignored & delayed imposing new sanctions voted overwhelmingly for by congress

but i'm sure you listen to his & Sarah Sanders claims that he's been harder on Russia than Obama, even though there's not one thing he personally has said or suggested done against them
Wed Feb 28 15:03:49

By doing their actual job, you mean like when they were determining the number of WMDs in Saddam's arsenal?

But regardless, I'm not going to compartmentalize my feelings on the NSA. Any organization that engages in the mass surveillance of 315 million Americans in gross violation of the spirit of the 4th Amendment, who built said program in secret and lied about its existence to both Congress and the American people, and whose shenanigans were only revealed because a lone hero was willing to sacrifice his career and live under the eternal threat of life in prison for the remainder of his days, is a total piece of shit and not to be trusted. Fuck the NSA.
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