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Utopia Talk / Politics / Teacher fired gun inside school
Thu Mar 01 11:16:51
Do I even need to say this happened in America?

BREAKING: An armed teacher reportedly fired a gun in a school in Dalton, Georgia, police say. No students have been hurt. Police have the teacher in custody, who was barricaded inside a classroom.


Some 20% of the kids in school needs to have guns and military training and they have to be brave. Only then can they stop teachers with guns in school.

USA! USA! :)
Patriotic UPer
Thu Mar 01 11:22:00
I say arm the students.
Thu Mar 01 16:46:55
Different times I know but in third grade our entire class took the Hunters Safety Course and that included handling guns in school. The high school parking lot at any given time probably half the vehicles had guns in them. During pheasant and duck season that number jumped by quite a bit. The physics teacher at least once a year used a gun in the gymnasium as part of a demonstration. No gun related incident ever happened in or near the school. With all those guns around you would think a half dozen or more of us would have been killed on an almost daily basis.
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