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Utopia Talk / Politics / Nazi Israel
Thu Mar 01 11:29:44
These are scenes that could be taken from the nazi occupied Warsaw ghetto.

New video by @btselem on killing of Yassin al-Saradih by Israeli soldiers.

Yassin was shot in the stomach, viciously kicked & beaten with rifles, dragged by his limbs, & denied medical attention for half an hour.

Thu Mar 01 11:49:08
*shrug* Don't assault the police.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Mar 01 13:10:15

That's one way to shut him up.

Thu Mar 01 13:35:53
You mean: don't assault the nazis.

Remember when the resistance assaulted German nazis – they went crazy like these Israeli nazis and started to murder people.
Fri Mar 02 09:51:07
Ah, I recall arguing passionately with Mountme about using the term Nazi while referring to Jews. Now, as an elder Statesman I realize he is just stupid and it's not worth the effort trying to explain why it isn't kosher to use that term regarding jews.
Sun Mar 04 10:03:50
God damned nazis.


Imagine if that woman and man who are running with the baby in his bosom were jews? It would be all over the news in America, and they would liken it to the holocaust.
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