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Utopia Talk / Politics / A Brand New Political Party If Interest
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Mar 02 19:24:05


We Believe in One Simple Idea:
Putting People Before Party.

We are SAM—the Serve America Movement—an organization forging a new path to provide a real alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties and to steer our country in a direction designed by the people, for the people.

Our Goal: To build a new political party for a new American majority, from the ground up.

As an organization
Our Principles are rooted in Common Sense

Inspire and elevate the dignity of fellow citizens.

Defend our liberties.

Embrace America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Achieve peace through strength and principle.

Invest in future generations.

Our principles are our guiding light towards our common goal.

More at their site if you want to check them out.

large member
Fri Mar 02 19:37:46
You should definately vote for that party.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Mar 02 19:46:18

I've already found my Party.

What little bit I read sounded okay.

Fri Mar 02 19:54:26
I think the Libertarian party has the best shot of any of the current parties at making a dent in the current big 2 within the next presidential elections time frame.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Fri Mar 02 20:00:27

I don't expect them to be viable before they get at least 20% of the popular vote.

Sat Mar 03 06:06:19
Just wait a few months and the GOP will change to suit your wants. Depends on who pumps in the most money.
Sat Mar 03 11:02:06
HR-->What little bit I read sounded okay.

Little bit is a problem for you. There is a millennium(stretch and pun intended)of separation from your political views.

If you would have gone into more depth you'd know what I am saying is true. That organization is your poison.
Sat Mar 03 11:04:40
Oh btw, lol at Edward.
Sat Mar 03 17:35:38
Read a few of their articles. They appear to think a larger federal government is the answer to all our problems and are fashioning their party to attract the younger crowd.
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