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Utopia Talk / Politics / "Give it a shot."
Sat Mar 03 18:33:19
No, this is isn't a topic about guns and Trump's fake concern about gun control and then of course wanting to eliminate due process.

But about what has occurred in China and Trump would like it to happen here in the US.

China's current President is now President for life. Which is quite an issue for any free democratic society. But of course Trump wants to be that as well. Stating that "Maybe we'll give it a shot one day."

Trump very much wants to be a dictator just like his hero Putin. But it's okay, Trumpicantards still carry around the "don't tread on me flags." Thinking Trump is their answer.

Trumpicantards rejoice enjoying their brainwashed minds.


Fun fact, during his first year as president, 100 of those days has been for golfing.
Sun Mar 04 04:45:55

Not exactly the most objective or reputable source there.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Mar 04 04:56:31
Contact them and ask them to provide the recording.
Sun Mar 04 05:46:11
Mr. Rugian,

As Mr. Wrath of Orion point out, how about you ask them for the recording? Despite your cynicism and distrust of media in general. It does not negate the fact that CNN is more reliable than not. Unless you have something that completely discounts their story you really have no room. Then again, you are not the most reliable poster on UP are you? Just look in the mirror and repeat "I am not going to break down tonight, I will not let that ex bother me no more, man up!"

Hope that helps!


-UFN staff
Sun Mar 04 06:27:01
I'd like Trump to give it a shot. What he got to lose?

Do you think Trump is happy? When he goes home at night, does he say, 'What a great life?'?

I don't think so. I think he is a very unhappy person. Life is not fair to him, and he can not be happy until he has absolute power.
Sun Mar 04 06:35:18
But even then he will not be happy. Because he can not have Ivanka. It is "forbidden fruit" for him, so to speak. But maybe he will grab her anyway? You never know. I hope Trump will be happy one day.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 04 10:41:58
it IS on tape... but seemed like a joke... kinda like Trump himself

however his envy of dictators is real
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Sun Mar 04 11:14:36

LOL @ liberals that wouldn't know a joke if it walked up and castrating them.

Tue Mar 06 09:35:57
We do know a joke when told well. Unfortunately Conservatives haven't got the ability to tell a joke. ;)

Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Mar 06 15:54:40

I don't know about that.

I just bought a birthday card for my Great, Great Nephew that I thought was pretty funny.

On the front page, it says, "You're not getting OLD.

Inside it says, You were old LAST YEAR."

He will be 2-years-old in a couple of weeks.

Tue Mar 06 15:55:59
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Mar 06 16:03:12
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Mar 06 16:05:29

As I said, liberals wouldn't know a joke if it walked up and castrated them.

Tue Mar 06 16:05:46
Lacking something in the delivery ;)
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Tue Mar 06 16:09:40

Well, it did have this old biddy on the front page doing the talking.

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