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Fri Mar 09 15:42:57
Cohen used Trump Organization email in Stormy Daniels deal

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's personal lawyer used his Trump Organization email account to communicate details of a payment transfer to adult film star Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with the President before his time in office, Daniels' attorney confirmed to CNN Friday.

Michael Avenatti provided an email to CNN in which Cohen confirmed the transfer to Daniels' former attorney, Keith Davidson. In the email, both Cohen's personal email account and trumporg.com email account were used. The deposit was confirmed to Cohen by a First Republic Bank employee.


Trumpicantards rejoice as they shout "family values!"
Fri Mar 09 16:17:27
Doesn't really change a thing. Everybody knew President Trump had more than his fair share of flings.

Only reason this is news now is because somebody offered Stormy a book or movie deal that is worth more than the settlement so she is looking for a way out.

This isn't about if it happened or even when it happened. This is about how much money can Stormy and her lawyer get for telling their side of it.
Fri Mar 09 16:55:00

No, this is about a violation of campaign finance laws unless Trump and his lawyer come clean. If Mueller starts investigating this it's going to get ugly for someone.

And the retarded thing is that this is a NDA after the fact. She blabbed about the affair for years.

Fri Mar 09 19:47:23
Trump has affairs with porn stars. Cue outrage?
Fri Mar 09 20:08:53
Not a violation of campaign finance laws. The Trumporg.com account is his business account not an account tied to his campaign.

Go to the site and you can check out his golf courses, winery and a few other things.
Fri Mar 09 20:40:00
Wait, was I supposed to be yelling something about "family values" this entire time?!

My bad, I seriously dropped the ball on that one. Well, better late than never I guess:


Hope that's better.
Fri Mar 09 20:51:03
NSA, that picture isn't a plant. You know what to do. Get 'em.
Fri Mar 09 21:04:47
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Fri Mar 09 21:07:09
No wonder cuckhats wife spreads her legs for this nigga.
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