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Utopia Talk / Politics / KKKanadian government murders kids!!
Tentacle Rapist
Sat Mar 10 09:53:58

Tldr, Canadian government pulls a Shrekelli by replacing an affordable life saving drug with one that costs over 300k a year
Sat Mar 10 10:55:20
I read the article because I was unfamiliar with the rare disorder and did some research.


"It is estimated that at least 2,000 individuals worldwide have cystinosis, though exact numbers are difficult to obtain because the disease is often undiagnosed and/ or misdiagnosed."

As sad as the situation is: Numbers affect the effect.

The cost for a slow release to avoid its original deficiencies seems rather extravagant, but I'm far removed from making such a decision. Only the very elite could afford such treatment. hummmmm
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