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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump still wants to blame video games
Sat Mar 10 10:50:27
Comrade Trump wants to do everything he can to blame video games for the mass shootings that occur in the US. Of course Trumpicantards will rally behind him and tout this as they use mental health issues (which is a real issue) as a platform where before that did not give any care about it.

80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says

President Trump met with video game industry representatives Thursday, after saying last month violent video games may play a role in mass shootings. The president met with parents like Melissa Henson.

"The kind of messages and images that they are putting in their minds, I think they're nightly dress rehearsals for huge acts of violence," she said.

But psychologist Patrick Markey's research shows 80 percent of mass shooters did not show an interest in violent video games.


Trumpicantards rejoice as they don't believe in data analysis or science.
the wanderer
Sat Mar 10 10:53:25
i'm sure he heard it on Fox & Friends, the source of all his ideas
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Mar 10 11:53:40
He balances it out by watching Hannity.
Sat Mar 10 20:24:06
That's as fucked up as blaming the guns.
the wanderer
Sat Mar 10 21:54:53
he's blamed anything anyone has ever mentioned

he likes being on all sides of every issue so he can claim he was right
Sun Mar 11 01:24:57
kargen proves why cuckservatives are so fucking stupif yet again

The fake equivalencies created by watching too much fox news and spending too much time online.

Shootings have always been a problem but they didn't kill so many people until the assault weapons ban ended. The AR-15 has been the weapon of choice in the deadliest attacks since.

And all the dumbfuck gun nutters who don't know anything except NRA talking points pretend it's a right they've always had to own AR-15's or bump stocks when in reality they just became available the last few years.
Sun Mar 11 01:30:37
Cue the "you don't know shit about guns" talking about how gun laws are not enforceable because gun makers make custom guns to evade bans and all the other gaslighting bullshit NRA talking points

Fuck you. Learn how to deal with your problems instead of using an obsession with guns to deal with your economic helplessness.
Sun Mar 11 20:38:20
Dukhat people with your attitude are the biggest problem because you are more interested in finding something simple to blame instead of dealing with the real problems.
The guy in Florida was searching online for information to build a bomb. No way anybody can know what the number of casualties would have been if he didn't have access to that gun. Without access to the gun he might have decided to chain the doors shut and start a fire. Or maybe find/steal a large vehicle (school bus would be best because nobody would see it as being unusual) pull the fire alarm then when all the students gather where they are told to go during fire drills run them under.

The problem is when something really shitty was happening in these peoples lives nobody did a fucking thing to help them. The problem isn't an inanimate object. It is that our society for whatever reason is creating monsters. We don't want to blame ourselves though so people like you blame whatever comes to mind. That only makes the problem worse.

You are correct though that the 2nd amendment has really nothing at all to do with the types of weapons we have today. The 2nd amendment was created in an effort for the country to not have a standing army. Types of weapons were not considered at all. What was considered was having citizens armed so they could defend the country in times of need.

How to apply the 2nd amendment has been adjusted over time to fit the times. Decisions reached by the Supreme Court in 2008 and 2010 should be what gun enthusiasts refer to instead of the 2nd amendment.

Doesn't matter either way though when it comes to people intent on doing harm to others. Take away their gun and they will simply find another way. That way could lead to a much larger number of casualties depending on what weapon they decide to use.

The weapon of preference today seems to more and more be a large vehicle and a crowded sidewalk.

Sun Mar 11 20:45:47
They will find another way but it will entail less casualties. You act as if bomb materials are easy to get. There are bottlenecks in all weapons of mass destruction that are tracked by law enforcement. It's not pure luck that we haven't had a major bomb attack since the Oklahoma bombing in the 90's.

This kid had a mental issue and didn't have the sustained ability to hold a job much less plan out an intricate attack. He was able to impulsively buy a gun and kill and injure dozens of people.

It's goddamn ridiculous. Gun-nutters are retarded. Hopefully there is a shift in our politics and young voters actually vote instead of staging walkouts. The period when the assault guns ban was in effect had fewer deaths than the period before or after with the period after really bad because of Republican expansion of gun sales.
Sun Mar 11 21:02:13
Bomb materials are easier to get than an AR-15 for most people and are much cheaper. Also have the potential to do much more damage.

He didn't buy the gun on impulse. He owned the gun for a year at least. If he didn't have the gun there is no way either of us can know how many people might have died. With a few bicycle chains/locks and a bit of fuel he could have locked up the cafeteria during lunch and potentially killed hundreds. He did have a mental problem and a lot of people failed to help him with that problem when they had the chance.

Did you not see the list of multiple death attacks in Australia that was posted a while back. After the Port Author Massacre gun related deaths went down as expected to deaths due to arson went up. The people intent on doing harm found another way.

What is ridiculous is your need to blame an inanimate object for what is actually a problem with our society.
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