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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Easter
Thu Mar 29 16:01:27
The only good thing about Easter (not that I celebrate it or anything) is all the candy I get in the easter egg. Do you get easter eggs filled with candy in America? Does your parents hide it and you will have to go and search for it? Another thing is all the good food I get to eat. Lamb, salmon etc. It is also nice to get some free days off work.

All this because some guy died 2000 years ago. Not bad.
Thu Mar 29 16:04:46
Easter is about spring. Eggs and rabbits... fertility symbols. Nothing to do with anyone's death.

Gotta love the chocolate though, for sure.
Thu Mar 29 17:41:11
.... your parents still have you go on easter egg hunts? and you are excited about it?

Thu Mar 29 17:55:34
I remember that time about 50 years ago when the Pope was worried about the decline in what religion was all about.
He went to NYC in disguise and started walking the streets. Seeking to find someone who knew the true meaning of Easter.
He had many failures as he asked strangers that question. He was almost ready to give up when he gave it one more try with a guy on skid row.
He asked this old drunk if he knew the true meaning of Easter and the drunk pondered for a second or two and said "Of course I do. Easter is when Christ awoke in the crypt and rolled the stone from the door." The Pope sank to his knees in gratitude that someone knew and remembered.
The Drunk then said, "If he sees his shadow, that means sex more weeks of winter".
Thu Mar 29 17:56:38
Thu Mar 29 18:27:07
lol patom!

To me, as a former Christian denomination type person, I still find it's a good time to reflect and remember that whatever has been done in the past does not set your future in stone.

Whatever future we have left can be lived in any way we choose to take action to do so. Starting immediately. If there are deeds done that haunt us, we don't have to be tied to that for life. Find a way to make amends that best one can, say sorry, forgive yourself, move on being your best natural self.
Thu Mar 29 18:48:42
that was a good one tom
Cherub Cow
Fri Mar 30 19:04:33
As a Satanist, to me Easter is all about how the hoax of Jesus' resurrection has been successfully turned into an excuse to eat candy. Praises be to the Dark Lord of Flies! May all gods and prophets be crushed by their lies!!
Fri Mar 30 20:10:24
you need jesus.
Anarchist Prime
Sat Mar 31 09:40:31
smart dude
Sat Mar 31 11:38:23
I'm not a big candy eater, but Easter candy rules.
Sat Mar 31 11:45:45
I like chocolate bears that has a lot of fluff inside.
Sat Mar 31 11:52:27
We usually have a big dinner but this year we decided to give my wife a break and go out to eat.

My favorite candy for Easter when I was a kid was the big chocolate eggs filled with coconut. Don't see them anymore.
Sun Apr 01 10:06:43
So wife and I were shopping for Easter candy the other day and found all these broken chocolate east bunnies for like 95% off on the 'for cheap something wrong with this stuff' shelf of the grocery store.

Figuring it was also April 1st Easter this year, we bought them up and let our kids think they were just getting a broken piece of chocolate this year. They were kind of silent as they sat realizing that was all there was... LOL.

They were quite relieved after realizing it was a joke. That's serious business to anyone under 10.

Sun Apr 01 10:19:33

Somewhere in the catacombs of Riddarholm, you can actually hear the ghost of Gustavus Adolphus weeping for what his people have become.

Happy Easter, and remember it's never too late to repent.
Sun Apr 01 11:25:33
Repent has been placed on the list of offensive words.
Tentacle Rapist
Sun Apr 01 12:36:49
I celebrate Ostara instead. Fun easter fact, the tradition of the easter bunny derives from the rabbit feast of Ostara!
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